Starting over from Zero.

soulstraw is dead. long live newquestionman.

I’m starting over. Doing this new and differently.

I will get involved with more politics.

I will still battle the dirty racist scum that stinks up the internet.

I will cut down on the swearing, not fully.

No more “RACIST WEBSITE” rants……for now.

No more taking crap. I will post what I want, when I want.

soulstraw is dead. Long Live Newquestionman.

That is my new name.

I ask the Questions, you TAKE my answers.


35 thoughts on “Starting over from Zero.

  1. Chuck Spears says:

    Whatever. You’re still a nigger, Toby.

    • Questionman says:

      And you’re still a scum-sucking racist retard blaming black people for you being a homeless, skinheaded bitch living with his whore of a mother.

  2. Bako says:

    You’re doing something new?

    Seems like you’re the same old sissy who is terrified to post my comments- because I expose you for the Black Racist Bigot you are.


    • Questionman says:

      Fuck you, Baka. You attention whore. Just like a dirty desperate whore, or a retarded man.” look at me! look at me! I want to be noticed! notice me. I am a big boy”
      YOU are the retarded racist asshole troll. and just like I tell loser. shut the fuck up, close your legs,and get lost, you desperate attention whore!

      • Wirecutter says:

        You kiss your mama with that mouth?
        Seems like you asked me the same question once. But it’s okay for a black man to talk shit like that to a white devil, but not the other way around.
        Fuck off, nigger boy.

      • Questionman says:

        Fuck you, you piece of shit skinhead asshole! I don’t care if it was a joke! It’s a retarded joke!
        you retarded racist asshole still doesn’t like it when someone’s calling a spade a spade. What i posted are facts, and your troll ass is proving my point! You are a brain-dead troll and a racist fuckhole
        Fuck you, you Uncle Tom lover!

  3. George Bush says:

    Welcome back, dork, let me say that People of your type, (Black Racists) only add to racism, because you prove to the white racists that what they thought was correct.
    Your stupid rebuttals about President Obama are so off the wall that it’s a joke.
    You exclaim that white people are racist against black people because of the way they act and what they say, but you say and act exactly the same way. Yes, there are White people who are racist/prejudice, as there are Black people who are the same. Try looking in the mirror. Racism is about ignorance. Some people are just ignorant and are hateful , I really believe that you are both.

    • Questionman says:

      I guess You are a retard. Whenever I post facts, you scumbags call me a racist with no proof. All I do is post facts and you restort to character Assassination when you can’t handle the facts, Mr. worst prsident ever.

    • Questionman says:

      Republican president = 8 years
      Republican congress = 6 years

      Clinton surpluss = gone, left 2 wars and 9 trillion in debt. Now why can’t the democrats get this country moving? You need or help you say? Uh that will be a NO.
      Palin as president? are you retarded? yes you are!

      • Questionman says:

        Your not getting your lily white racist loving countr back, so fuck off.

      • Simon LeGree says:

        We paid to bring your asses over here – so we have the right to return and refund. You are a COMMODITY – never forget that.

        Once a commodity loses value, or becomes a liability, you get rid of it. THE END.

      • Questionman says:

        Listen, Simon Shitfuckle. I am my own person. We came on our own.
        Angry because we brought common sense, and we stopped this country for becoming what your home is like a rat-infested, redneck, retarded, skin-headed nazi craphole lead by your dirty racist whore mother.

  4. Johnny Rebel says:

    This guys IQ of 63 is actually pretty high for a nigger.
    Do you get all this crap from a Nigger Manual or do you just make it up yourself.

    Hey BOY, her’s a picture of Obama’s father.

  5. Simon LeGree says:

    I read a funny story. Some dumbass rapper, covered with bling, was on a cruise in the Caribbean, got so drunk on 40’s and Cristal that he fell off and sunk to the bottom. Nothing ever changes: negroes with chains still line the bottom of the Caribbean! 😆

    • Questionman says:

      racist fucking douchebags like all of you make me fucking hate it more than anything, there’s a reason who are a retarded brain-headed bitch, because you’re all such fucking pussies you go on to a stupid website and comment on some funny racist picture a bunch of blatantly racist insensitive bullshit. Go die you worthless stupid hillbilly fucks. I hope you get shot by a blck for ragging on them. Just for a racist fuckhole like you.

  6. Chuck Spears says:

    So you’re going to “get involved with more politics”, eh? Good! I do enjoy roasting dipshit liberals who still cling to that old socialist agenda; an agenda that has failed everywhere in the world, every time it’s been tried… with no exceptions. I shall do my best to forget your niggerdom and just think of you as a raceless, colorless, mindless libtard.

    Start posting, boy. I’ve got my whipping post ready. I hope you can handle the beating you’re about to receive!

    • Questionman says:

      I freaking knew it. Rush Limpballs DOES make you a retard and a racist shit-head, but that was already obviously. It’s offical, CONs are retarded, shit-headed liars. They don’t know shit outside their retarded trailer trash swamps, andwhat their lily white skinheaded whore mothers taught them.

      Socialism works when it comes to roads, we have well paved roads coast to coast. Socialism works for our publicly-financed fire departments, the average response to a house fire is about 5 or 6 minutes. We need to take those lessons and spread them to the rest of society. We have seen from Enron, that capitalism does not work. Look at the gas prices, the corporations just keep jacking up the prices to rip off consumers. Not until we demand that the government take over the gas distribution system will we see real change in America and gas prices where families can afford to fill up their car so they can get to work and to the foodstore.

      Capitalism has been tried and it failed us. I know socialism didn’t bring us here in the first. But you know a god-dman about anything, except being a shit-for-brain racist skinheaded bitch sucking of rushie the racist pig!

  7. Bako says:


    Explain how the government ‘taking over the gas distribution system’ makes prices go down, in your world.

    Who looks for the oil? Who drills? Who pumps? Do any of these people earn a paycheck, or are they doing it for fun? Keep in mind, public sector employees make 37 percent more for the same job as someone in the private sector. Explain how that makes gas cheaper.

    C’mon- show your work, like any child has to do in school.

    As I keep saying:

    Jy kan die kafir uit die bos vat, maar jy kan nie die bos uit die kafir vat nie.

    • Questionman says:

      What good does it do to subsidize oil production, and then impose automotive fuel economy requirements so draconian as to raise the possibility that we’ll be limited to cars that can only go 40-45 miles per hour?

      We might as well let oil be expensive, so as to incentivize people to reduce their fuel consumption on their own initiative, instead of government micromanaging every aspect of our lives.

      I already answer that “question” the corporations just keep jacking up the prices to rip off consumers. Not until we demand that the government take over the gas distribution system will we see real change in America and gas prices where families can afford to fill up their car so they can get to work and to the foodstore.

      You know how greedy corporations are.

  8. Die Groot Boer says:

    Stupid Gondie…


    HOW will it reduce prices? You say you don’t want prices lowered so we use less- then you say you want the price to come down so people can use more.

    Aside from plagiarizing AGAIN (you’re far too stupid a munt to know words like ‘draconian’, and you plagiarized the very first link Google gave you. Dumb coon!), you’re contradicting yourself and you don’t even realize it.

    I’m not sure whether to chalk this up to public schooling, or negroes’ smaller cranial capacities, but either way, you’re a fucking moron.

    • Questionman says:

      Germans are SO Fucking retarded! They know how retarded they are, they make up retarded words.
      Listen you fucking skinheaded Sour Kraut I posted a link of how gas prices work!
      And I guess you can’t read in a correct brain-head way to know scarsam when you see it.

      Retards can’t refute my facts, but proving how retarded you are. Funny since I know along more about Oil, and you know the end of your mother’s whore hole! As excepted from a bunch of retarded racist German non-Americans acting like they know shit about America!

      • Die Groot Boer says:

        Imbecile. That isn’t German- it’s Afrikaans, the language spoken by people who know how to deal with you brainless kafirs.

        Your link doesn’t show anything, and you are a sad, sad plagiarizing gondie who can’t help but dance at his better’s commands.

        One more time, boy- explain how the government taking control of gas (or anything else) makes it cheaper.

        You can’t, because it doesn’t. And also you are a dumb blackie who can’t explain anything.

      • Questionman says:

        There is no such word as gondies, and by German I meant you.

        I guess skinheaded racist retarded Krauts can’t read American cause they are too retarded.

        I expalined it, but you keep saying ‘plagiarze” “plagiarze” like a redneck racist kraut bitch that you are.

        You know it does, I don’t have to explain it. It’s something you don’t have, common sense.

        Everyone knows if the big oil companies could drill all the oil we need right here in the US they would sell it for next to nothing no matter what the world market price was. but Americans know that, not reatded racist Germans!

  9. Die Groot Boer says:

    I’m an American Jew- not a German or anything else, you mush-headed gondie loser.

    If your commie pals like Obangi and his flea-ridden Wookie of a whore wife would get out of the way, we could have cheap oil.

    Don’t you wonder why Ubangi gave George Soros’ PetroBras 3 Billion dollars of Americans’ tax money to develop oil reserves, but won’t sign any new leases here?

    No, you don’t wonder. Because apes don’t think. And you’re so stupid you can’t even form your own thoughts. That’s why you plagiarize other peoples’ work- so you don’t seem as brainless.

    Boogedyboogedy, boy!

    By the way, “Gondie” comes from Rhodesia- where my family comes from. I’m sure you can guess what it means.


    • Questionman says:

      Thanks for living up to the sterotypes that Jews are money-hungry dirty racism fucks. Obviously you’re NOT from America. No American, unlike you, is a retarded Bush-whacking skinheaded racist retard like you.
      The oil companies have the power to drive this country to a standstill if they want to
      Another manufactured crisis like the energy crisis of the 70’s and gas could hit 7 dollars a gallon they have the US over a barrel this is why the subsidy’s they get will never be tampered with
      Leave it to a shit-for-brains money-hungry racist scumbag llike you to blame the black man, like your retarded teabaggers assholes!
      Like making a fake word and fake meaning, disgusting asshole!

  10. Bako says:

    Typical black.

    Make an indefensible remark, then run away like a scared little monkey.

    Not that I’m surprised you’re a stereotype-pushing negro Jew-hater.

    Gondie pussy,

    • Questionman says:

      Jesus retarded kike fucks like you give Jews a bad name! Thank God the intelligent Jews I know aren’t dirty, shit-for-brain kikes like you. They have a brain, they have jobs, they aren’t flithy, sneaky, hungry-hungry, attention whore KKK loving fuckhole troll who can’t refute the facts. Let the smart Jewish-Americans stay here. Go back to that hellhole, Isreal, you kike fuckhole!

  11. Not Obammys Mammy says:

    Funny thing there POOKIE, you,just like Obammy, make promises you cant or are incapable of keeping(will keep the profanity to a minimum) its ok..I understand that in New york(your latest IP trace) your crack whore mommy must have dropped you on the rim of the Toilet bowl when she shat you out in the back of the bar.
    Now while you sit there sweating in fits of rage because MOST OF AMERICA sees your messiah for the yard ape he is,DEAL with it. I like the O in Obama. Its like a big ZERO which perfectly defines this niggers work history(and we all know niggers hate to work) like this:

    a. ZERO proof of being a legal US resident
    b. ZERO effort at making jobs in the US (but TOO quick to contract overseas)
    c. ZERO respect for fallen police officers and firemen
    d. ZERO effort at ending the war which he said he would do. Instead
    he sends more troops.A COMPETENT President can,with the stroke of a pen,
    end a war. Why wont he? Too much money to be made off the blood of our
    E. ZERO effort to REDUCE taxes,in FACT has raised MORE taxes than his predecessor

    So, “questionman aka soulstraw” please by all means bang your head against the wall
    and regale us with more masturbatory rants on how great your ZERO is. 2012
    is right around the corner so you best hurry! He wont be around much longer.
    And please put the race card away. Its played out. Come up with a different excuse for your sad little excuse of a blog.

    Bye BITCH.

    PS This one wont last too long either.

    • Questionman says:

      Fuck you, you fucking piece of shit

      A. Obama was born in Hawaii, There are NO proof of him being born in Kenya, except from BS from retarded racist shit-for-brains like you.

      The jobs “saved” or created because a big part of the stimulus bill was designed specifically to save the jobs of police, firefighters and teachers who were in danger of losing their jobs because of budget shortfalls in troubled states. States like Mr. Perry’s, for example. A good part of his “Texas miracle” was due to the stimulus funds that he accepted and used to plug the holes in the state budget. Tens of thousands of state workers owe their jobs, not to Rick Perry, but to Barack Obama. Maybe that’s why some polls have the President leading Mr. Perry in a hypothetical matchup in the Lone Star State.

      D. No respect? what’s this?
      E. FUCKING COMMON SENSE. Obama didn’t raise any god-damn taxes. Taxes were lowered. The only thing that went up are your retard levels.

      Fuck you, you racist piece of crap. Quit using the denial card, and quit trolling like an asshole trying to make America more racist and retarded as you, your whore mother, or your queeen bitch Palin!

  12. Die Groot Boer says:

    Jy kan die kafir uit die bos vat, maar jy kan nie die bos uit die kafir vat nie.

    Never have truer words been uttered- someone took this gondie fool from the bush, but the bush is still in him. Witness the blind tribalism. The refusal to learn proper English. The sheer, permeating rage so typical of the negroe race.

    No wonder when the leader of the Coongressional Blackie Caucus says Obama’s fucking up, this gondie half-wit screeches that Obama’s doing a great job. Not even another munt can criticize Comrade Mugabe now, without being called some nasty racial epithet.

    Still, I have to admit you’re one of the more entertaining blackfellas on the net!

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