Right-wingers Lip Readers Michelle Obama’s 9/11 spoken words

Is there no Low the scumbag racist right will fall?

From AddictingInfo.org:

I am usually one of the last to jump on the bandwagon of calling conservatives ‘racist.’ I might be naive, but I still refuse to believe that most conservatives are racist, but there is a segment that is going above and beyond in the racist *um* race.

Yesterday, the hungry hippo of the conservative party, Rush Limbaughz poked once again at Michelle Obama’sz weight. I don’t know what it says about the overweight 2/3 of the American public (presumably many of whom listen to Rush) if Michelle “guns of steel” Obama is called overweight.

But wait! It get’s worse. Now, the blogosphere is all atwitter over lip reading. That’s right! During Sunday’s 9/11 tribute, Michelle Obama whispered something in her husband’s ear. The right-wing bloggers don’t know what she said, because, of course, they couldn’t hear her, but they are sure of one thing…it was something bad about the flag. Because she’s black and she once said that she was proud of her country, so she must hate the flag.


They have no audio whatsoever, soo the racist right resorts to Lip-reading. Every racist and non-racist trolls from random walks of the internet, Youtube, Gateway Pundit, Weasel Zippers, Cancervativeyte, American Stinker, Free RepubliKKK, anyone other racist right websites CLAIMS First Lady Michelle Obama said the following “All this for a flag” or “All this for a fucking flag” or etc.

I am pretty sure that the media, as usual, blew this way out of proportion. They take words and twist them just so they could try and make Michelle look bad. What liars!  And I think all you negative people here are all IDIOTS!!!  I said in my old blog that the right have turned into the KKK. Racist, bigot, sick SOBs. As the proof resides in the comments on Youtube, CancervativeByte, American Stinker, etc. One fact is clear. The Right hates having a black President.

The knee-jerk GOP crowd is so conditioned to believe everything the republican propaganda machine spews out, it reacts viscerally whenever the Obama name is mentioned.

They nourish themselves on rumors, innuendo and outright lies. They have managed to turn ignorance into a billion dollar industry called rightwing media. It will take at least a generation to set them right.  It’s even more impressive when you realize that what she actually said was very, very different from what the idiots on this site desperately want to believe she said.

Oh! The White House responded:

The words, meaning and context in these claims are all wildly off the mark.  The First Lady was commenting to the President on how moving and powerful it always is to watch all that America’s firefighters and police officers do to honor the flag.  It was an emotional moment on a powerful day and she was awed by the ceremony and all that the flag symbolizes.”

Wow…just wow.  There is absolutely NOTHING that either the First Lady or the POTUS can say or do that will satisfy the not-so-fringe racist right.  The incredible nit-picking when the Obamas came on the scene quickly morphed into outright hatred and has remained there ever since the swearing in ceremony.  I wish the President would stop issuing statements to try and appease the bat-shit KKK nazi loonies who are so warped by their loathing.  They’re not worth it; the state of this country proves that their hatred and racism FAR surpasses their love of this nation.



13 thoughts on “Right-wingers Lip Readers Michelle Obama’s 9/11 spoken words

  1. Coon Slayer says:

    Hear about Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama posing nude for magazines lately? Yeah Sarah Palin was seen in playboy and Michelle Obama was discovered in National Geographic!!!!!

    • Questionman says:

      FUCK YOU! You dirty redneck shit-headed racist fuck! Why don’t ou go fuck your sister like your father like all the shit-for-brain redneck, skinhead bitches like you. At least playboy shows how much od a dumb redneck whore Palin is like your retarded mother.Go fuck yourself ou fuckhead bitch! racist fucking douchebags like all of you make me fucking hate it more than anything, there’s a reason who are a retarded brain-headed bitch, because you’re all such fucking pussies you go on to a stupid website and comment on some funny racist picture a bunch of blatantly racist insensitive bullshit. Go die you worthless stupid hillbilly fucks. I hope you get shot by a blck for ragging on them. Just for a racist fuckhole like you.

  2. William Stewart says:

    The wookie is overweight. And a ho. and a bitch.

    But still smarter than your iggerant black ass.

    • Questionman says:

      Just like you mother, a retarded, uglt, bitch bitch!
      Michelle Obama is a smart, powerful, accomplished woman and she IS smarter than me.
      Just angry because she isn’t a dirty,hillbilly, retarded, dumb blonde bimbp bitch like your whore mother and Failin Palin
      Go fuck yourself!

      • William Stewart says:

        She probably is smarter than you.

        Of course, that’s an awfully low bar.

        The rest of us see her for the iggerant ho she really is.

      • Questionman says:

        Just like you mother, a retarded, uglty bitch!
        Just angry because she isn’t a dirty,hillbilly, retarded, dumb blonde bimbp bitch like your whore mother and Failin Palin
        Go fuck yourself! Not everyone wants the country to be run by retarded inbred hillbilly hicks whores like your mother, your drunk father or Failin Palin!

  3. Mike Lisby says:

    Palin= Hottie

    Moochelle= Fat skany bitch whore

    • Questionman says:

      f course, all retarded, shit-for-brain racists, this that hillbilly brain-dead bitch can be president! She is a brain-dead boob and a retarded ditz, but isn’t a racist,skinhead hillbilly bitch like you!

      • Simon LeGree says:

        Palin Power! Woo-Hoo!

        She lives rent-free inside your empty bone head! 😆 😆 😆 😆

      • Questionman says:

        Simon the retarded bitch!
        Palin is the biggest retarded, inbread stupid bitch ever.
        She’s lucky to have even bigger, retarded stupid assholes like you as her brain-dead supporter!

  4. Not Obammys Mammy says:

    Who is TRYING to make that she boon BITCH look bad? All one has to do is look at her.You nigger/niggerlover. What you gonna do when your Messiah doesnt get re elected?

    NO OBAMA 2012

    • Questionman says:

      Why don’t they just admit they hate everything about Michele Obama because they are racists…You think your party will win, you retarded racist fuck!
      Scared of a smart, intelligent woman who isn’t a white hilliblly inbred retarded bitch like Falin Palin!

      • Die Groot Boer says:

        Ignorant fucking Gondie.

        Do you think we would be happy with Obama and the incredible cock-up that is his presidency, if he were simply white?

        Jy kan die kafir uit die bos vat, maar jy kan nie die bos uit die kafir vat nie.

        Now dance, gondie! Sing “Mammy” fo’ us!

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