Morgan Freeman: Tea Party is Racist!

With all due respect, Mr. Freeman. Not EVERY single member of the Tea Party is racist, it’s just ironically that almost every racist, bigot in this country either support the tea party or are in the tea party. My original title would have been “Morgan Freeman states the obvious”, but that’s just childish.

From Politico via Little Green Footballs:

During an interview that airs Friday, CNN’s Piers Morgan asked the actor, “Has Obama helped the process of eradicating racism or has it, in a strange way, made it worse?”

“Made it worse. Made it worse,” Freeman replied. “The tea partiers who are controlling the Republican party … their stated policy, publicly stated, is to do whatever it takes to see to it that Obama only serves one term. What underlines that? Screw the country. We’re going to do whatever we can to get this black man out of here.”

On the strength of the tea party, he said: “It just shows the weak, dark, underside of America. We’re supposed to be better than that. We really are.”

Funny question, Why is it that the righties hate being called racist, falsely calls other people like me racist for stating the obvious, but then turn full-blown racist out of nowhere? Little Green Footballs has so much proof of right-wing racism, you couldn’t believe it! Actually it’s from websites like Fox Nation

From GLF:

We’ve had so many posts at LGF on racist signs at Tea Party rallies and outrageously bigoted statements by Tea Party members and leaders that it’s not possible to deny any more that racism is a driving force in the Tea Party movement — if not the driving force.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t deny it anyway, and accuse Morgan Freeman of being the “true” racist. For example, in this thread at Fox Nation, where the Fox audience responds to Freeman’s charge by whining that Freeman is the racist — then spewing racial slurs at him.

From Fox Nation:



I understand how a defective gene pool can put you at a serious disadvantage dealing with a 21st century society. And maybe that’s why their unemployment rate is very much higher than the rest of society.


Didn’t your boy get elected president? But no, that’s not what the bl@ ck community is after. Not until you have pilfered the product of other’s hard work and we are all living in ghetto squaller will you be happy.


Will another bl ac k liberal please stand up and call the right racist… If it weren’t for conservatives the b la ck man would still be a slave or worse find himself hanging from a tree at the hand of a liberal wh it e guy. Remember the K K K were white liberals not conservatives. Somebody needs to teach these guys some history.


I am sick of bl/cks calling people names

If you tell the truth about them your racist

The liberal hatemonger hate game f-them


Morgan Freeman…quit nagging us about race. In other words, shut up nagger !


The haIfbreed musIim is a racist no mater what he is

Remember, according the to the party of hate, WE are the real racists, but the party who ACTUALLY throws racial slurs and bad stereotypes, who ACTUALLY has the behavior of the Ku Klux Klan, who ACTUALLY hates anyone not white or christian, and who ACTUALLY hates having a black President are the REAL American Patriots!

See how sick in the head the right are?

Remind me how the left are the party of racist again?



7 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman: Tea Party is Racist!

  1. Madame Queen says:

    His, nor anyone else’s opinion will NOT intimidate me from not voting for Pres. Obama’s re-election next year.

    I have voted for Alan Keyes in the past (Republican primary in Florida, and I am pulling for Herman Cain who happens to have won the straw poll in my beloved home state (Florida) making me very happy. I happen to support Mr Cain because he has run a company, maybe more, and has successfully turned it around to make it profitable. He also happens to have the same values (morals) as I do (as did Mr Keyes).

    Call me a racist for not voting for the pro-abort, pro- catering and bowing to our enemies, Mr. Obama, but God is my Judge, not you nor any leftist that I will happily leave behind when I pass from this world into the Next.

  2. Chuck Spears says:

    Madame Queen Latifah,

    Hmmm… it appears the only candidates you mention as viable are… dare I say… black.

    Might THAT possibly make you… RACIST?

    Well, even though you’re a racist, at least you’re conservative… that’s a start I guess. However, if you were WHITE and had the same tastes (that is preferring white candidates over blacks), SOME people would be waving KKK hoods at you and calling you a Nazi.

    Must be nice to be openly racist and have it be all A-OK. Only negroes have that luxury.

  3. Madame Queen says:



    I am white, voted Republican all of my life, and I think Ronald Reagan is the greatest president in my lifetime.

    I am also a Christian, and a politician’s morals (or lack of them) and what they stand for on moral issues is #1 with me. As well as loving this great country.

    I will be held accountable to a Higher Power for something as “little” as comments I post on blogs so please forgive me for treating this blogger with a little bit or respect that all, if not most, human beings deserve. (And posting rebuttals without name calling.)

    • Chuck Spears says:

      Well, good to hear it.

      Most who leave comments (other than flames) on this blog are virulent racists just like the author. (Of course, racism isn’t racism if you happen to be black.)

      Nice to hear you don’t fit the usual mold.

  4. Madame Queen says:

    Yes, I believe racism is a 2, or more, way road.

    I wanted to add too that my first comment here was to specifically point out to Question Man that I have voted for, and will continue to vote for, black Americans whose views most echo my own. And I take great offense when anyone accuses me of “racism” when I won’t vote for a black (or hispanic, et al.) because he/she expouses views most contrary to my own.

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