= Retarded Website

Orignally posted February 4, 2011

Today, I vow to calm down. Because yesterday, I basically ended up misusing the word “Racist” like some of my fellow progressives! Turns out, Idiots4obama is NOT a racist site…against blacks like I thought. Ironically, it’s a non-fact, racist site against WHITES! Some followers started shitting out on me for my post, saying that idiots4obama is a “PRO-BLACK” website. And I apologize for the fact less accusation. Idiots4obama is NOT a racist website against blacks…just the other way around!

I’ll still catch racism wherever it may be, but now I will focus on the full-blown idiocy of this website., as the name suggest the firing of MSNBC’s reporter/commentator Andrea Mitchell because she’s not an ignorant boob like this Webmaster…or Assmaster, THAT’S more like it, (But then again, they did fire Keith Olbermann!) is NOT, I repeat, NOT a racist website! Just a retarded site lead by retarded people created to bring forth fake news, lies, slander, bullshit reports. Cancervative propaganda fan does it to bring fear of the Obama…ughh…”Regime”…(A name created by Rushie the racist/bigot pig.) to their gullible base. From using fake resources, to claims of “Indoctrination”, The Assmaster of FireAndreaMitchell is the definition of “Asinine”! This ass-hole actually claims that not wearing a “Made in China” American flag make Obama Un-American, and as I’m typing this, I’m trying my best not to call this stupid ass-hole a racist, but he’s not making easy for me. He called Ms. Michelle Obama “Disgusting”, he has links to racist’s websites, and he posted right-wing theories about Obama that were clearly created out of baseless facts and racism!

He even has claims of tax cheats, like he or his ilk never cheated on their taxes. He attacked Obama for a comment he made in ’08, which was “Children should learn to speak Spanish”. Surprisingly, he’s the only stupid asshole who believes Obama is “ordering” us to speak Spanish, turns out that most people agreed with the concept of Obama’s comment, that the most languages you learn, the greater your opportunities will be. He even tries to link many Progressives to murderers, criminals, psychos. Etc.

This is pathetic. This is sickening. This is….RETARDED!!!

Update: This tea-bagger retard is STILL a brain-dead scum, and possibly a racist! This bigot calls Obama a “Marxist” over and over again! Thanks to the American Stinker, That facts are in:

An actual Marxist would be far more subtle and convoluted, thanks to his grasp of theory and revolutionary tradition.  Obama has neither. He’s not marxist, he’s a centrist weakling lied about but the racist, bigots, KKK tea party who hate having a black president. Obama has brought out the racism and stupidity of the right!


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