Winning Disguse: How Racism is NOW Patriotism.

Forget what Morgan Freeman said, Forget what Jimmy Carter said, Forget what I said. It wouldn’t matter. Any American who knows about racism in America, knows about its elevated state, knows about the impact it currently has on politics means nothing! Racism has successfully been disguised as Patriotism. The right has done it. They’ve succeed. They have managed to use their anger, their hatred, and their denial to banish the obvious fact of racism and managed to turn it into “playing the race card”.

They can successful attack non-whites and disguise it as Patriotism, but if anyone calls them out on it, it will be successfully labeled as “playing the race card”.

“playing the race card has been done so many times that no one cares anymore. It’s the classic last gasp effort of those who have already LOST the argument.” A statement used to deny, defend, or pretend racism is dead just because Barack Obama became President! And you can’t mention the fact that the Ku Klux Klan is a RIGHT-WING hate groups, cause they’ll keep using that “Democrat created the KKK line” even though that’s true.

Throughout Yesterday, I’ve reading almost every single Obama hit piece there is:

“Obama Fundraising Suffers Huge Drop-Off”

“Obama’s Rehabilitation Tour, or ‘I Promise I’m a Leftist’

“Allen West: Obama intentionally killing the economy”

and many more. And they are all motivated by one  thing:

Racism…oppps! I mean Patriotism. Patriotism to take down a president, even when it means the country goes down. At the very beginning of the Presidency of Barack Obama, Conservative Talk Radio Host, Rush Limbaugh uttered the most famous words “I hope he fails” and with that, the meaning of the word “Patriot” changed completely. Now meaning a white, christian conservative who wants the president to fail by any means. I don’t want to bring up anything, but notice how Mr. Limbaugh or his ilk has never said anything good happening to American coming out of Obama’s failures, since it doesn’t have to be said. Nothing good will happen to America when Obama fails. Just like when Bush fails, and when Reagan fails!

In the fall of 2008 is the beginning of the tea partiers. Tea party activists truly took root when Barack Obama became president, and thus created a new form of Patriotism, the kind where a party goes after a President for doing “unjust” laws, especially when that President is doing the same things his predecessor was doing prior. The right knows this, but like their racism, they deny it.

A poll came out last week stating more Americans view Obama the “same or worse” than Former President George Bush, with mostly the same because he continued most of President Bush’s policies, make more wars than Bush, and sides with the right like Bush. But alias…the power of racis…..sorry..Patriotism blinds the right of that fact.

A side note: Funny how the right never cared about black conservatives, but now since they are beginning questioned for their raci…I mean, Patriotism. They’ve got two.

Of course, here’s the most greatest example of Patriotism. How people questioned the eligibility of a President, even when it’s been answered. No other President has had their birth certificate questioned and legal moves lied about by these racis…sorry..Patriots than even before. Also another use of Patriotism. Racist, vulgar, and bigoted Name-calling. Sure it’s the same as Bush, but how many times Bush had his citizenship questioned? How many times Clinton had his religion questioned? That doesn’t matter to rac…stopped myself there. That doesn’t matter to Patriots like Lloyd Marcus who calls Barack Obama an “evil man” in every one of his Hate-filled racist rants Patriotic articles.

All joking aside, The Obama presidency has really called out the full-on racists from under whatever rock they’d been hiding for a few decades, and on rare occasions when I allow myself to read a major newspaper comments section, it’s pretty clear that these guys spend ALL their time tapping out racist garbage on their keyboards at five in the morning.  They hate Obama for so many manufactured unreason that they’ve lost count of them.  Apparently, it’s hard to keep track of all the people feeding us our unreason these days.  Blink, and we miss ten of them….  But seriously, one can only hope that this kind of blatant, open contempt for a president of African descent marks the last gasp of the Old White Guard: you know how it goes – progress always calls forth a backlash, just as MLK Jr. would tell you.  The Obama presidency has been painful at times because of the vileness of the opposition, but who really should have thought it wouldn’t be?  A smooth ride was never in the cards.

But who am I kidding? All one this is just Patriotism!


15 thoughts on “Winning Disguse: How Racism is NOW Patriotism.

  1. Madame Queen says:

    Ok, ok, Questionman…. are YOU an agent for Attack Watch? I sure am getting those vibes…

  2. Chuck Spears says:

    I don’t care if it’s Racism, Patriotism, or the Tooth Fairy – the more people who band together to oppose this communist, Kenyan dictator’s disastrous policies the better. ‘Racism’ may yet save the country!

    Let us HOPE for a CHANGE in 2012!

    And here’s a question for YOU, Newquestionman:

    What is to blame for the disastrous results of Robert Mugabe’s leadership in Zimbabwe?
    Is it racism? Do tell!

    • UNeverKnow says:

      Thanks for proving this guy’s point! You ARE a racist asshole and a retard if you think the whole world will respect your black-hating ass like those piece of crap teabaggers! They will really bring respect back to the country with their lying against a respectful black president!

      • Chuck Spears says:

        Hey Imbecile…

        How does it make me a ‘black hating racist’ just because I don’t agree with Obama’s aspirations of communism (or at the very least, his aspirations of a socialist utopia)? You are obviously a typical, liberal, Negro moron. And if you ax me, it is clearly RACIST to support Obama just because he’s black – which most of you do, Obama continues to have an 85% approval rate among Negroes – when his policies are clearly destroying America.

      • UNeverKnow says:

        Just once I would like to see these Obama haters state just exactly what it is that he has done to them. Show us some concrete examples of how “he is destroying our country”. Not one of the facts support that position so there must be something that they know that they are keeping secret. That they hate having a black president! But of course I know that ALL haters of Obama are racist, but they aren’t helping their case with horrible accusations! Bush and Cheney came as close as anyone in destroying this country. President Obama is bringing it back a little at a time, and that is what the GOP cannot stand.

  3. You use a lot of revisionist history. The Democrats created the KKK and used it are a political arm of the party to terrorize freed blacks. They also lynched freed blacks and white Republicans who opposed slavery, secession and segregation. You also have to know the history of the Democrat party. The party who voted against every single piece of civil rights legislation in history. They voted against the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution. They voted against the 1867, 1957 and 1964 Civil Rights Act (Congressional Voting Records are a great source…look them up sometime). Al Gore, Sr (D); Robert Byrd (D) both filibustered the passage of the bills and Robert F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson voted NO on the 1957 bill.

    Someone doesn’t have a grasp on history.

    The use of the race card no longer works thanks to people such as yourself. When you can’t debate with facts, you turn to emotional rants and scream “racism/racist/bigot” so on and so forth. The majority of Americans disapprove of Obama’s presidency (look at the polls from Quinnipiac to the ABC/Washington Post for proof) because of his failed policies and dangerous ideologies. Idiots, such as yourself, attempt to point to racism as the reason, without providing any proof besides “he’s a black man so there.”

    Since the majority of Americans, from blacks to whites to Republicans to Democrats to Independents, disapprove of Obama, are you calling everyone a racist???

    Please explain. Better yet, learn the definition of racism. When one complains about Obama’s failures, that is not racism because Obama is only one person, not a race. Looks like you fail about as much as Obama does.

    I have a problem with his lies ( ), his spending ($4.8 trillion in just 2.5 years compared to $4 trillion by Bush over 8 years): ( and his ideologies.

    Obama called Bush “unpatriotic” for adding $4 trillion to the national debt. Was that racist of him to point out since he doesn’t share the same skin pigmentation that Bush has????

    I also have to point out that I hate his ideologies. The idea that the government is the answer is the reason we have the current mess. Keynesian economics have been proven a failure, once again. Since Obama took office, the government (through Obama and The Federal Reserve) has spent close to $6 trillion to grow the economy and “create or save” jobs. What are the results? Record deficits and 9% plus unemployment for 27 straight months (remember, the “recession” ended in July of 2009).

    Now I’m sure you will attempt to scream racism again with the facts I put forth above. You will prove my points and I’m almost certain you will not allow this comment to post, as I allowed your comment on my article.

    The use of the word racism has been overplayed in a weak attempt by lefties to defend Obama. Keep on proving my point. Anyone with critical thinking skills knows the race card doesn’t work any longer.

    Scotty Starnes

    • Questionman says:

      I’ve ever seen an more pathetic case of denial ever! I’m getting sick of people saying the “race card doesn’t work” It’s the Ultimate case of denial pretending racism doesn’t work and that racism is dead!

      Ku Klux Klan, often abbreviated KKK and informally known as The Klan, is the name of three distinct past and present far-right[6][7][8][9] organizations in the United States, which have advocated extremist reactionary currents such as white supremacy, white nationalism, and anti-immigration, historically expressed through terrorism.[10][11] Since the mid-20th century, the KKK has also been anti-communist.[10] The current manifestation is splintered into several chapters and is classified as a hate group.[12]

      The first Klan flourished in the South in the 1860s, then died out by the early 1870s. Members adopted white costumes: robes, masks, and conical hats, designed to be outlandish and terrifying, and to hide their identities.[13] The second KKK flourished nationwide in the early and mid 1920s, and adopted the same costumes and code words as the first Klan, while introducing cross burnings.[14] The third KKK emerged after World War II and was associated with opposing the civil rights movement and progress among minorities.

      Labor and anti-unionism

      The social unrest of the postwar period included labor strikes in response to low wages and poor working conditions in many industrial cities, often led by immigrants, who also organized unions. Klan members worried about labor organizers’ effect on their jobs, as well as the socialist leanings of some of the immigrants, which only added to the tensions. They also resented upwardly mobile ethnic Catholics.[86] At the same time, in cities Klan members were themselves working in industrial environments and often struggled with working conditions.

      You are all wrong. The stimulus did work and you know it. No amount of lying on posts will change that fact. We have been growing since Obama took office. That is a fact also once we got out of Bush’s crap budgets around September of 2009. The Senate and House will pass this bill or suffer their own demise. The polls on Congress show us that much. Given Congress or the President, smart money is on the President. This fact you all know also. However, keep lying to yourselves. That just makes the Republican Party’s demise that much quicker.

      The facts are: Not all of Obama’s policies failed. Racism is one the rise and is paying a part in politics, the KKK is a right-wing hate group. Funny how one a signle historian claims them to be a left-wing group cause they are not!

  4. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:


    That seals it.

    You are a typical coon- that is to say, stupid, greedy, lazy, and cowardly.

    Bring your revolution, Little Black Sambo. We can’t wait to finish you off.

    • Questionman says:

      It’s stupid. the south doesn’t deserve to be a place. racist bigot fucking redneck trailer trash. I hope you all die.
      shut the fuck up. you racist ignorant jingo pieces of redneck shit.

      • Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

        How ironic- all the anger, and all the screeching demands for other peoples’ money.

        Again- typical coon. You want the chrome rims, but you think someone else should pay.

        How do you explain the millions of successful, middle-class blacks who don’t feel like they’re subject to racism, and who don’t demand other peoples’ money the way you do?

        What’s your excuse?

      • Questionman says:

        I was right! Ignorant racist assholes like you can’t read! I posted a story about you retarded inbred assholes and your pathetic attempt to change the subject proved my point. You are a retarded racist piece of shit, and writing a story about how having a black president turned you and your party into a KKK teabagger asses doesn’t mean blacks want other people’s money. I means I was right, You and your ilk are racist scum, and you’ll do anything to deny that fact!

  5. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    You can’t answer the question, can you?


    You’re an embarrassment to successful, non-bigoted blacks. Blaming whitey for your cultural FAIL only makes it worse for you.

    Don’t you get it yet? White people don’t hate you- until you demand what isn’t yours.

    • Questionman says:

      That’s how retards laugh! You racists turds really can’t read! Also you don’t know anything about blacks. You think if they are successful, they hate whiny black people like you inbred scum? You don’t know blacks!

      You are a racist and like I said, You are a retarded racist piece of shit, and writing a story about how having a black president turned you and your party into a KKK teabagger asses doesn’t mean blacks want other people’s money. I means I was right, You and your ilk are racist scum, and you’ll do anything to deny that fact, learn what a racist means!

  6. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    Learn what greedy porchmonkey means.

    If ‘having a black president’ somehow ‘turned us into KKK’, then I suppose it could be said that having a black president turned you people into greedy, entitlement-sucking race card-playing hoodrats.

    You’ll never be whites’ equals as long as you blame your problems on imaginary racism.

    • Questionman says:

      I’ve never…yeah I’ve have seen more pathetic denial like this.
      Just because Obama is president, that means racism is dead? Please!
      Another pathetic attempt when losing an arguement is putting words in my mouth and character assassination.
      I guess the right hates it when someone is pointing the obvious about most of their party’s behavior!

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