Food For Thought 10-03-11

Just a quickie rant!

Kevin Dejan is a racist scumbag and a lying pussy, and his website Hillbuzz is the absolute pits! This racist scum is afraid of dissent, especially those base on lies, since lying is all hypocrites like him or his fellow liar “Bridget” are good at!

The story is about President Obama’s standing support from Muslims, which I have no problem with, it’s the condensing, crap the bitch writes at the ends:

So…Obama may very well continue to make history…

The first black President….the first Muslim President and…

The worst President in American history.

It isn’t that all conservatives are KKK racist, bigots, but that most KKK racist, bigots are conservative!

Really, how brain-dead is this woman? Very! No, the military would NOT be doing the same kinds of things if there were a different man in the Oval Office today.  The history books are already being written that the immoral George W. Bush ordered the launching of two unnecessary wars in Iraq and Afghanistan based on a series of lies and in a pattern of deception.  There is no doubt that the incompetent George W. Bush has secured his place in history as the WORST man to ever occupy the White House in American history.  It is because of the Bush/Cheney regime that both men now have the blood of thousands of innocent people on their hands. But somehow that’s the black man’s fault….well, it is for not fixing the problem!

But the bigotfest doesn’t stop there. A racist, bigoted ass by the name of vincentjappi had this to say:

He’s indeed a Muslim and a saboteur, but he ain’t “President”.

I wouldn’t expect a racist, much less, a conservative to use facts in this story! Since they are smearing racist, bigots! Ok here we go again. Obama is NOT a Muslim and here’s why: He doesn’t have a beard, he drinks alcohol, his wife doesn’t cover up head to toe, and the #1 reason Obama isn’t a Muslim: HE EATS PORK. Try to remember these helpful suggestions in the future. But of course, this racist ass doesn’t see a black man as president because he’s a racist, bigoted ass, just like “Bridget” and Kevin Dejan!

That’s my food for thought!



2 thoughts on “Food For Thought 10-03-11

  1. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    Seems to me, like you’re afraid of this guy’s mind.

    Which is pretty sad.

    So, is that why you close comments and ban people when you can’t make an argument?

    What a shame. Plato, Socrates. Fredrick Douglass, and so many others are rolling in their graves with embarrassment for you, you feeble-minded liar.

    • UNeverKnow says:

      What a bunch of crap! But that’s how racists are. They call this gut a racist, but in the end proves him right!

      That guy and you are assholes! If he can’t comment on their website! Let him comment on his on how much of a bigoted idiot he is with facts while you stick with lies and character assassination!

      Just like that guy, you’re a bigoted idiot and a troll!

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