therightscoop = Racist, Bigoted website!

Fear is the best motivation. It can blind the masses, tricking sensible people into making rash decisions, and can create hate for no other reason than misinformation and propaganda becoming the assumed truth.

It begins with the smallest accusations; I could say I find the ocean scary.  I could then make the case that the ocean has taken the lives of hundreds of people and show a clip of waves crashing against a pier at the beach during Hurricane Irene, ominously devouring the fragile, wooden structure. I would then present a video of a tsunami destroying an entire city without notice, or Hurricane Katrina victims atop their houses fighting not to drown.

By presenting these elements together, I have slowly begun to persuade you of my belief of the ocean being scary as hell.

That’s how TheRightScoop works! Normally, when I report a racist website, I write the most retarded shit ever, and repeat the same shit. But I’m taking the high road on this. The entire website is not racist, just the bias racist commentators, just like therightscoop, they are racists just like them! For example:

This story links to Obama quoting the Late President Ronald Reagan, and the racists don’t like that! two comments proved the brain dead sickness of the right!

My how different it is today eh? Mr.Obama you are an Anti-American POS and you have no love for this nation you so desperately want to destroy and recreate in your Marxist/Socialist image. We will toss your a$$ out in 2012 and repair the damage you have inflicted upon us and future generations. That’s not a threat it’s a promise.

May God Bless All True Conservatives…. the rest are clueless.


 Ronald Reagan……………………………Obama

Open life……………………………………Enigma, covered up
Upheld Constitution……………………….How can we get around or ignore it
Evil Empire-USSR………………………….Evil Empire-USA
U.S. Citizen………………………………..????
Air traffic control unions…………………SEIU/Acorn
Increased employment…………………..Increased unemployment
Business friendly………………………….Corporations are evil
Foreign policy:Peace through strength..Foreign policy:Bend over
Loyal to allies…………………………….Israel, England etc.
Tear down that wall…………………….Don’t build that wall
Extensive background…………………..Community organizer.

Those who call Obama a “Marxist” really only discredit themselves and show their ignorance for what a “Marxist” is.  If you applied any element of objectivity to how you look at him, you would come to the inevitable conclusion that he is a complete centrist who tilts left on some issues, and right on others, but is, in essence, a litigator-in-chief, with everything negotiated to the middle. Of course, these racist/bigoted losers are leeching off the imfamous Myth of Reagan, so let’s add some reality, shall we?

  • Reagan also raised taxes 11 times and tripled our debt. Reagan was the first Owellian president and the beginning of this country’s financial downfall. We now have the wealth disparity of only third world countries. No country can remain civil with those numbers.
  • Reagan allowed income inequality to explode  While cutting taxes on the one hand, Reagan disproportionately increased spending on the other. During his eight-year term in office, the national debt grew 18%, at a greater rate than under any president since Obama.

First, reality – yes, he was a pleasant person with optimism that infected other
people. Yes, he and Nancy loved each other very much.

or myth – depending on one’s POV: he destroyed the employment fabric of this
nation, the implied contract between employers and employees. By pushing for
increasing defense expenses and tax cuts he generated the largest deficit,
larger than all previous years combined (Bush is now surpassing him). This huge
deficits changed the monetary economy so it was a better for corporation to buy
others – and to fire the employees – than to invest in their own asset

Under his regime, we saw the disappearance of many good, medium
size companies that were purchased by Wall Street sharks a-la Gordon Gekko
“greed is good” and people lost good jobs and benefits never to recover from
them. It was the beginning of changing this country from a manufacturing and
farm economy to a service economy, where consumption became an important factor
– 2/3 of the economy. Where good factory jobs of stability, of benefits, of good
income that allowed the employees to purchase the products of their employers –
as Henry Ford wanted when he started – disappeared. Instead we had “service
jobs” of minimal wage and minimal benefits, or none, of job

Under his regime we saw the growth of the gap between the
highest and lowest paid employee in a corporation widened from about 40 to 400 –
what we have now, and growing.

Under his regime the successful captains
of the industry were no longer the inventor and entrepreneurs who took the risks
in starting new businesses. Instead, there were Wall Street bankers and lawyers
who planned the mergers and acquisitions who, win or lose, got their millions
(of dollars) while millions (people) lost their good, stable, jobs.

was during his regime that the number of people with no access to health
insurance ballooned to 35 million by the end of his terms.

All of the
above might have happened anyway, but it was during the 80s. His “morning in
American” pitched million of workers into pitch darkness.

And, it was his
candidacy and his administration that turned the republican party from a “live
and let live” a no-ideology party except for small government and not much care
for the poor, the sick and the elderly, to the party of the RW. It was his
candidacy that started the divisive policies of this country. It was his
candidacy that ended intellectual, polite debated about policies to emotional
visceral hatred of two camps. And, of course, it was under his administration
that we saw the gap between “getting the government off my back” to…. except
for school prayers, bedrooms of consenting adults and physicians

And, for me, personally, it was the realization that there will
never be a real revolution in this country the way we saw it in other countries.
When I saw the shanty towns in Washington in 1981 or 1982 – don’t remember – all
very peaceful of people who have lost their jobs – I realized that in this
country the poor and the lower classes will never climb the barricades to demand
equal distribution of the nation’s wealth… The lower classes WANT to be the
upper class with all the spoils of the so-called free market economy.

I’m not sure how much propaganda a person would need to consume to believe the
president of the USA hates America, but I bet it’s a lot.
The money went for
S&M hookers for a republican official retreat.
If you’re a republican, you got bruises for it.

Just kidding, but that facts are. Therightscoop is a half-racist website. They hate having a black president, but they think hiding behind an Uncle Tom disgrace of a military officer, and a pizza boy denies they are racist? Please!


27 thoughts on “therightscoop = Racist, Bigoted website!

  1. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    What if you hate the President’s policies?

    How about if you hate the white part of him? Are you still a racist? What if you’re a pukn Honey Ant? Can a Honey Ant hate him for his policies without being a racist?

    For that matter, is there anything you do besides screech about imaginary racism?

    Christ- how utterly shameful of a blog this is.

    • UNeverKnow says:

      What a retarded asshole! Any crap you spew to defend your party of white supremist asswipes! No one on the racist right cares about his policies! They are a racist breed of Un-American trolls who doesn’t care who the president does or says. They hate his blackness no matter what. They’ve gone far as to blame him for everything wrong in this country! They are racist scum, and they wouldn’t be called what they are if they showed respect! Something they know nothing about!

  2. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    You know, Nigel Crackatinny- who is a tribal elder of the Crackatinny Tribe, denounces this sort of thing.

    Just sayin’.

  3. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    Seriously- this is the most coontacular, spookriffic bit of porch-monkeying you’ve come up with yet.

    How can someone so stupid remember to breathe?

    • UNeverKnow says:

      Jesus Christ! Of course anyone who exposes the racist right like this educated man, he’s a retard?
      Sorry this educated man doesn’t suck dick like you, racist skinhead neo-nazi bitch ass fuck!

      • Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

        UNeverKnow- you are Soulstraw/NewQuestionMan.

        You aren’t educated.

        You’re a semi-literate shuck n’ jiving black trickster.

      • Questionman says:

        He’s his own person, you retarded bitch asshole fuck!

        We;re both educated! It seems that someone who isn’t a fat, smelly, ugly, shit-for-brain, retarded, inbred hilliblly bitch like your whore mothers isn’t educated! Funny I have a job, you have none, just being a retarded dick-sucking troll!

  4. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    That’s you at your job, Gondie.

    • Questionman says:

      Fuck you. You stupid racist troll. Fuck you.

      What do you know what a job is, racist crack fuck! Sucking dick is what you call a job. Being retarded is what you call a job, but it doesn’t pay. Who would pay a retarded fuck like you! Fuck off, you racist troll piece of shit. You are a waste of oxygen. Go fuck yourself and get lost or I’ll ban you!

  5. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    You can’t ban me.

    Gondie twit.

  6. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    And no, you and UNeverKnow are the same person.

    IP data proves it, you simpleminded munt.

    Jy is die domste kafir op Aarde!

    • UNeverKnow says:

      Let’s thry this you cracker racist fuck bitch! If we were the same person, we would have the same e-mail! I talked to this guy! We have to different e-mails! a sane person who need one! It seems you don’t know how IP works since you keep changing yours! Questionman, ban this fuck!

      • Questionman says:

        UNeverKnow! This guy is a bitch! he is a retarded bitch and a racist fuckhole who has no life! He’s trailer trash like his whore mother! He’s a brain-dead inbred piece of shit who can’t deal that I am smarter than him! He resorts to racist talk like the dirty skinhead fuck that he his! Also, someone I don’t know who left a comment have the same IP as I do but signs on to aol! I don’t sign with aol! bruz is just a brain-dead retarded bitch troll!

      • UNeverKnow says:

        He is! And he thinks we are the same person! He’s a disgusting disgrace and a inbred hick lemming! You are right and this post is right on, but I disagree to a point! That right scoop whore isn’t racist like you say she is, she’s just a retarded brain-dead loser who sucks on the myth of Reagan, just like this hick!

  7. UNeverKnow says:

    If you ban him, won’t he come back?

    • Questionman says:

      If he does, that proves my point on how much of a retarded racist troll he is! He’s is a whore! He talks like a whore, thinks like a whore! wants attention like a whore! He is a whore! plain and simple! His whore mother and drunk daddy probably never gave his retarded ass any attention, so he must come here cause that’s what whores do!

  8. Yamba de pukin honeyant, bruz says:

    You Munts can’t even work a computer and you call yourself intelligent?

    Jy is die domste kafir op Aarde!

    • Questionman says:

      I’m suprised that a racist, retarded fuckhole bitch like you would even know what a computer is! I could ban you completely 100%! I’m just toying with you! What kind for fucktard loser need TWO e-mails? who would e-mail to your retarded bitch-ass? get lost, you racist bitch!

  9. Yamba de pukn honeyant, bruz says:

    You realize, nobody else even reads your bullshit, right?

    We’re just here to point out what a simpleminded racist you are, and how crazy you people are getting now that ObaMugabe’s Reign Of Error is almost over.

    • Questionman says:

      Jesus! You racist fucks have no life! Of course having an intelligent black president turned you into a racist troll! You just proved my point, whore! Dirty whore! close your legs! People are reading my blogs! They know how retarded that right really are. No one gonna vote for whore fuckholes like you! Close your legs, you fucking whore! go die in the street like the desperate whore you are!

      • Yamba de pukn honeyant, bruz says:

        So says a comment-deleting PUSSY,

      • Questionman says:

        Shut the fuck up! you mangled-mouth attention whore racist bitch! This is MY website! I can ban and delete whatever I want!
        of course, you’re smarter than me. That’s why you;re here being a racist attention whore troll bitch! What’s the matter? your whore mother and drunk father didn’t pay attention to your retarded ass?
        “waaaa look at mee, look at mee” that’s what you sound like! You are like a slut. hell, that’s what you are!

  10. Yamba de pukn honeyant, bruz says:

    Deleting comments again, Pussyboy?



    • Questionman says:

      You didn’t PWN3D anyone! the only think you beat me at is who is the most shit-for-brain retarded troll attention whore? YOU! you have to win an agrument, and you didn’t win anything except the most retarded atteention whore ever! Your whore mother must be proud!

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