When the denial card becomes tame

I just read a stupid, pathetic article on The American Stinker titled ” When the race card gets Trumped”


Now it’s time of my rebuttal. Cause someone out there has to fight back against this trash.

When the Denial Card becomes Tame

It’s pathetic. Ever since Barack Obama became president, not only has he brought out the racist tendencies of the right, but the right have resorted to using interesting tactics to deny their party of their racist tendencies.

Meet Herman Cain.  He is black. He grew up in Georgia. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from  historically black Morehouse College before receiving his master’s degree from  Purdue. He is a successful businessman and former chairman of the board of the  Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

So does that mean the right aren’t racist….NO!

It’s obvious that Herman Cain is a human racism shield for Conservatives. As a black Conservative that is his designated role to play.
On their message boards and websites, Conservatives deploy many a racist defense for their man Herb Cain whenever he is attacked: Cain is a “good one”; He doesn’t play the race card like the other blacks; Cain is off the Democrat plantation; He believes in hard work and never benefited from handouts or affirmative action. In all, these are projections which just reinforce the bigotry that lies at the heart of contemporary Conservatism. They are also projections of the White (Conservative) Soul and its racial id.

Funny how these cons never gave a damn about black conservatives. Until now, they just viewed them as rare conservatives, but now worth listening to. Then Barack Obama came along, became president, and turned the right’s racist head! Now they mention Cain in every Anti-Obama speech they make.

Contrary to the false opinion, some on the right don’t like President Obama because of his race.  To infer that President Obama is not qualified to be president because he lacks executive experience is now a moot point and speaks to the right’s intellect.  Section 1, Article II of the U.S. Constitution does not require an educational achievement or corporate experience to be President.  To insinuate that ‘a real job’ is only being a corporate executive or running a company is shallow thin… Regardless of titles or social status, it is safe to say that a very high percentage of workers in America feel that their job is a real job that makes them productive citizens and taxpayers.

Additionally, it is a false statement to say that limited government freed Black people from segregation, slavery and Jim Crow laws. This premise desecrate the Civil Rights Act that so many Americans to include people of color, all women, people with disabilities and others are benefiting from.  Yet, Mr. Cain refuses to acknowledge that he more than likely benefitted from the Civil Rights movement and the Act, which is an issue that speaks to his character.  Unless the hypocrites and deniers on the right endured racial discrimination and continues to be faced with those discriminatory practices, their tired and weak pathetic mantra about the race card being null IS null.

One a side note, further proof of the right’s false intelligence. Calling this man as Marxist. Our nation’s own Socialist Party USA opposes Obama’s policies on health care, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the economy proves nothing to them, but they because they will still vote for him that he’s one of them, it never occurred to them that Obama is bad, but Bush Republicans are even worst. They’ll never vote for them!

And Obama has no Marxist leanings. Marxism advocates the eventual disintegration of the state, something which Obama has done nothing to implement. If anything, he’s empowered the state, not the other way around. Marxism advocates the liberation of the working class – Obama has shown little interest in establishing a “dictatorship of the proletariat”. Obama’s policies are the antithesis to Marxism. Get your facts straight.

The Denial card is at continuous play for the right! Herman Cain is a racist shield. That’s all he is.


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