Attacks from a far right retard brigade!

I recently came across this little gem!

Not the story, the comment section. As you know I restarted my website. And I did it because I wanted to get rid of my pathetic rants of racism and spelling errors.

So I decided to start over. But that has become under ridicule from the racists, bigots, and hypocrites of the right!

Radical Redneck, as his name suggest is a mentally challenged boob who like the right-wing racists, calls ME a racist for pointing out their non-white, non-christian hating activity. And according to them, that makes me a racist!

Next the brain-dead loser insults my statement about the fall of capitalism! and responses with a yawn….. Well, Radical Redneck. I’m sorry that human English is too complex for a mentally challenged lemming for you to understand. Maybe if I drew pictures, your non-existent IQ would understand, but I’d doubt it.

Second to insult me was Elephant man, would twist my words around without debating them!

I said:

“Only racists believe Obama is wrong” and “Being black is an impeachable offense”….As farfetch as my claims sound, one is completely right! Those who call for President Obama’s impeachment are racists. He hasn’t done anything worth impeaching. They hate having a black president, and If these assholes think insulting me will stop me from stating the obvious, they’ve got another thing coming.

Aside from the conversation of the retards, one of the mentally challenged attacks one of the sentences of truth! Goes by the name lc purple raider and the turd said this:

So according to SoulStrawMan, marxist, socialist and communist are just code words for the “n” word.


Obama is a nincompoop.  And a Marxist, a Communist, a Crook, “above his pay grade”, and a weasel.

Oh, and an idiot.

Listen, you prom night dumpster baby, Obama is not a Marxist, you’re just a racist idiot, like the tea party defenders!

Obama is the spiffy head of the Corporatist wingof the Democratic Party. If he’s a “Socialist,” he’s a Socialist for Wall Street – Where the job of government is to make sure that when they destroy themselves, not only does the government guard their back, but pays them a profit.

“Socialism for the Rich,” doesn’t qualify him as any kind of Socialist.

That the Tea Bagers regard Obama as a “Marxist Socialist,” or a “Marxist Communist” simply shows that their nuts. But facts don’t mean anything to these retarded lemmings!

And to add the icing to the brain-dead cake! LL Ogree:

So, RR, anyone who disagrees with “newquestionman” or SCOAMF does so because they (those who disagree) are racist?  :em08:  Is newquestionman KKKayinsane’s new lover?  If so, how does her son feel about being kicked out of bed?  I especially like how “newquestionman” so maturely uses reason and logic to refute his detractors’ statments.  I also notice how the vast majority (0.0 of them) agree with “newquestionman”.  The guy needs to write a book: The Black Man’s Way to Win Friends and Influence Enemies.  He does such a wonderful job of both. :em05:


Funny! Where is the proof that those who oppose me or the President are educated and smart……(crickets) this may take a while…

I’ll save you the trouble, numb nuts. There are none! You and your ilk are as retarded and racist and Rushie the racist pig and his retarded listeners! I’m not gonna sit here, let you bad-mouth me and get away with it!

Speaking of shit-for-brains, the racist retard at is at again. Attacking the President for speaking in a langauge he doesn’t understand…Human English:

What the entire Occupy Wall Street astroturf movement is turning out to be is exactly what the far left media hacks like Jake Tapper, far left progressive Marxists like Obama and Pelosi tried to label the tea party as. Racist, anti-Semitic, Nazi endorsed, Communist, filthy, drugged out, homophobic, unpatriotic, etc. They claimed that the lack of “blacks” at the tea party rallies proved it was a racist group, yet if you look at these pasty white idiots of “Occupy Wall Street” you’ll find fewer blacks then you did during Woodstock.  But in Obama’s warped head, the Occupy Wall Street movement is “not that different” than the tea party. This is what he told fake Jake Tapper of ABC in another one of Tapper’s and ABC’s patented softball interviews with Obama.

This is what I got to say to you,  shit-for-brains:

And, two:

Yea, Obama is that brain dead. The Occupy Wall Street loons don’t feel “separated” from government. They want MORE government, to coddle them for rest of their pathetic little lives.

But of course, they are NOT the same! Right now OWS is a protest movement. The Tea Party is a political movement. OWS and its offshoots are just an opportunity for individuals to gather and express their frustration with corporations. The Tea Party is a political player with common values and positions. OWS is about expressing a sentiment. The Tea Party is about actively pushing a political agenda.

OWS has more in common with a rally to support breast cancer than the current Tea Party, or any other political party. What I mean by that is that at a breast cancer rally, you will find various people from all walks of life, who don’t necessarily share the same politics and beliefs, but want to express a common sentiment.

Ironically, there have been attempts by the right to discredit OWS through association with Nazi’s and such groups. If OWS were representing a political party those charges would be fair game. It is not though. It is a gathering to express a sentiment. I’m sure you’ll find racist groups who are onboard with fighting breast cancer. They may even go as far as to wear little pink swastikas. That doesn’t mean fighting breast cancer is a bad thing. Now if, like the Tea Party, OWS decides to become a political organization/party it will have to form an identity and decide who it wants associating with that identity.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that seemingly every time there is a dispute, involving rich corporations or the rich, the right always comes down on the side of the corporations and the rich. Yet they will try to dismiss allegations that they are the party of the rich.

One party is fueled by fairness, the other is fueled by hatred!


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