A New Form of Patriotism!

“Sigh” Honestly. There used to be a time when being a Patriot meant you love this country and want it to succeed. There used to be a time where going against the President meant you don’t want America to succeed. Hell, there even used to be a time when Americans ONLY hated a President because of his policies….Not Anymore.

The racist right wants to talk about how much we overuse the word “racist”? let’s talk about how the desiccated the word “Patriot”!

That word used to mean something! It used to mean any American who loves this country. Any man, women and child who’d jump at the chance to serve their country. “Patriot” used to describe anyone who love America. Today that word and it’s meaning has been twisted to anyone who hates the Current President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Just Yesterday, I’ve read enough online racist rants to prove this to be true.

I think the question should be: Is anyone truly that retarded and ignorant to think the President hates his own country?

Barack Obama isn’t a great president at all.

Also many here claim Obama has divided America,America has been divided since its inception,so don’t try to blame Obama for that.

America was Racist and divided from the beginning, and is still that way in many ways,and mainly because of the sector of Americans that calls themselves conservatives and the “REAL AMERICANS”,who are really White Nationalist, yet they blame HIM for the national divide.

Of course he loves America just like most blacks do,but unfortunately too many conservatives have never seen,and accepted black people as REAL AMERICANS,so being that Obama father is African,it is even more unlikely that he will ever been seen as a “REAL AMERICAN” by these forces.

This isn’t good for the GOP. Eventually more and more people are going to discover that Obama isn’t an inflexible, Marxist, anti-business pol bent on destroying business.

They’re going to ask why the GOP is incapable of compromising like the president. Also, I don’t think it’s really fair to call this and similar pieces of legislation “jobs bills.” These aren’t sweeping pieces of legislation designed to impact a broad swath of workers and consumers. Most, like this one, are small/one-off bills designed to benefit a particular niche industry.

Some of the hate-filled rants of the right are constantly being praised as Patriotism by their fellow peers. They say we are the hate-filled race obsessed whiners, they say I’M a racist! and that is pathetic and sad! Speaking of which:


Just check this out. Someone like me pointing out the pathetic attempt of the racist right. This is an example of the right’s current form of Patriotism..Racist Patriotism!


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