Anti-Liberal Blog Zone = Super Racist Website

The racism is strong with this asshole!

Gunny G, whatever this scum wants to call himself is a Grade-A racist asshole! An Un-American slime who would make the KKK proud of him, you know cause he’s a racist! First I’ll trash his racist website, then I’ll post some facts obvious to white supremacist neo-nazi scum like him.

Obvious this racist hates President Obama. Does that make him a racist alone? No! But not seeing this man as the President of the United States is. referring to the President as the “Kenyan Usurper”, Gunny is, bar none, and uneducated, racist, bigot, teabagging retard! And further proof is his fellow retarded, racist followers. I’m just mad that there are people as brain-dead and ignorant to history as he is!

Serious question. Are you getting sick and tired of having your very intelligence insulted? I am! I am sick of having my intelligence insulted by the very same party that voted for Bush..Twice! and thinks that an inanimate object can do a better job than Obama. That shows how retarded the right has become. When the left Obama-haters talk like this, they always pinpoint another human being like McCain or Hillary Clinton.

I agree with Cain, when he recently defended the Tea Party Movement.  Republicans don’t have trouble with minority candidates – they have great hated of mixed race candidates.  They have been raised with the notion that “half-breeds” are a cultural threat to the white race, more so than any ethnic minority.  Cain does well, as does Bobby Jindal, because they are no subconscious threat, as Obama is.  The president represents their worst fear – that a child of theirs will procreate with someone outside their race, and produce a child that is obviously mixed race.  They fear the ostracism they themselves will face, and they fear being labeled a bad parent, for not inculcating their own offspring with the right “values.”

It’s people like Gunny the retard who is reverting out country back to 1950 times! People like him, most tea partiers, and most righties are racist. And I’m sick and tired of the pathetic “race card is expired” BS excuse. That is just the right’s new latest attempt of denying racism’s existence. They want to pretend racism is dead, but they can’t because of people like Klansman Gunny and the Racist right and not amount of fawning over an Uncle Tom will refute that!

Americans are fed up! Some are fed up with Obama, but most fed up with him are racists! Americans are fed up with the partisan antics of the GOP. This “party of no” has known all along that their agenda of cut, cut, cut is designed to kill as many jobs as possible and utterly wreck the American economy. It’s all part of their plan to sabotage the country and defeat Obama by any means they can devise. Their entire shtick so far has been to blame Obama for everything, bemoan the destruction of our country in the most vile and violent rhetoric imaginable, and duck any responsibility for their own record or to offer their own proposals.

I’m as convinced that Those who hate Obama are racist as the delusional right are convinced everything in America will be better when Obama is gone! This is what racism does, people!

never has there been more disrespect shown to the President and first lady of the United States than under the current administration.

It is pretty surreal. Something tells me there is going to be a LOT of play from the Obama re-election team to show how vile his opponent’s side has become due to things like “rage” “anger” “hatred”. And they should have a book! And please to go with the “Bush disrespect” crap! Almost every Left-wing person has confirmed that not only do they ACTUALLY hate Bush’s policies, They ACTUALLY don’t even hate the guy himself. On the right that’s a whole different story!



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