The Way the Right votes speaks Volumes

Had you notice that some of the racist right’s “Champions of Liberty” don’t even somewhat get mentioned, even after they’ve said or done something to President Obama! Here are the three main examples

  • Scott Brown: Remember him? In near the end of 2009, he was hailed and graced as “The Man who can Stop Obamacare” and he was elected by the voters of Massachusetts to stop “Obamacare” beating his democratic opponent, Martha Coakley. He did stop it, but Health care reform happened anyway. What’s he up to? Now he’s currently bickering with fellow Senator John Kerry on the jobs bill. My question is What happened to fanfare he got? Why isn’t any loser asking HIM to run for president? Has he fulfilled his ONE useful duty? whatever. Next!


  • Allen West: Disgraced Military Officer and Uncle Tom hasn’t been seen, heard, or mention of for a while since his pathetic Ad hominem attack on President Obama calling him a Marxist, and there’s nothing I can say that Keith Olbermann already said when naming this scum the “worstest” person in the world (that week)! Not to mention, a few months ago, Allen West confirmed his Uncle Tom status. Online Progressive Powerhouse, The Young Turks has an audio of him attacking blacks for not thinking like him or Herman Cain and calling them “Government Slaves” Pathetic. What’s he up to? He’s gonna be a speaker for the upcoming CPAC 2012. I wrote on last year’s debacle and I might again if it bombs.


  • And finally the GOP themselves! It’s time to admit they made history when they overhauled the democrats in the 2010 November elections. The entire last year they have on a campaign on how President Obama and the democrats don’t care about jobs, but they do. With that, the American people voted the Republicans in. As we already pasted the Anniversary of that day, what has happened? Nothing, in fact the only one who a proposed a jobs plan, half-assed as it was, is President Obama, but didn’t the GOP run on creating jobs? This is kind of a no-brainer as Mitch McConnell said after the 2010 mid-term elections that Republicans would do anything to make sure that Obama was only a one-term president, including saying “NO” to all of his initiatives, even if it would hurt the country.

In fact, this gut summed it up all perfectly:

What point am I drawing from all this? The point I’m making is the fact is what is the REAL reason they voted for these people? The fact is it wasn’t to keep this country going, it wasn’t to work with the democrats. It was to Stop the President. Funny, look to where it got us. Constant bickering, party against party, no solutions. The right has resorted to their racist leanings and put ideology before country. They are willing to let this country go to hell just to stop the black president for fixing the country THEIR party messed up, not to mention Carter!

Again, not all who oppose President Obama are racists, that is clear and no serious liberal or progressive observer has ever said that.  But most racists in America today oppose him because he is a black man, and they vote Republican because they have no other place to go.   Some may have  other reasons which conform generally to the regressive right’s ideological opposition, but the more visceral negativity directed against Obama from the right is unquestionably racist.

What does that say about the mental break-down of a party who not only voted for Bush twice, but think an inanimate object can do a better job than President Barack Obama? They’ve lost it.


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