Obama worst Than 9/11, Obama a traitor!

I’ve seen enough proof that the right are the most vile, racist, bioted, inhuman scumbags on the planet! 9/11. September 11, 2001. The most darkest day in American history. Millions of Americans, civilians and heroes all alike, died on that faithful day! Comparing the election of a black president to such a horrible event show the sick, Un-human, mentaity of the right!

NPR Asks Bill Clinton: Obama’s Seen As Liberal, ‘How’d That Happen’?
Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2011/11/10/npr-asks-bill-clinton-obamas-seen-liberal-howd-happen#ixzz1e7XEGbCB

Not the story, the comments. They are sick as hell and further proof Newsbusters joins my uncoming Top 10 racists websites, because the don’t let you comment unless you’re a right wing racist like this:

Not  a traitor

Submitted by jon_torlin  on Thu, 11/10/2011 – 6:12pm.

To be a traitor, he would have to be an American, and this manchild is about  the most anti-American person this country’s seen since Benedict Arnold.

No, he’s an implanted enemy to this Nation, what with the well-known(sarc)  information there is about his background in school and etc.


The  reason that he is worse than any other liberal is…

Submitted by jawebster1  on Fri, 11/11/2011 – 12:41pm.

because he has more power than any other liberal. 

There is no doubt that this particular president is the most unpatriotic  president that we have ever had.

As far as the damage he has done to this country goes, he is the Great  Depression, Pearl Harbor, Viet Nam, 9/11 and Katrina all rolled up in one.

We have survived those disasters and if he can be defeated in 2012, we will  survive him.

Jim Webster

Days  that will last in infamy

Submitted by monsterman  on Fri, 11/11/2011 – 1:06pm.

There was 9/11 and Nov 2008, both times we were attacked by terrorists, only  the last one has lasted for 3 years, please end this attack in 2012.

This twisting of history doesn’t stop there:


I respect Ron Paul and all he’s done and I don’t blame most Americans for wanting this guy as President, but Really, dictatorship? What does an elected President have to do to get the work  done,with or without the support of congress he must act on the behalf of the  American people as a whole.He isn’t given a chance with a congress that consort with corporate puppeteers and the racial thing that is still too deep seeded to ignore.

Now back to those racists at Newsbusters. Disgusting!

F*ck you. All of you. Really. No New Yorkers on this blog I’m sure. Nobody living in cities either I can almost garuntee. You’re all living out in your trailers blaming people on welfare and pesky ‘libs’ for not being rich.

This is truly disgusting. All of you. You’re living in a fantasy world. Sorry, this president is very very moderate. He is hardly the Karl Marx you wish he was. You just really need a reason to hate him.

You people make my head spin. Blame the wall street protestors problems on being lazy but at the same time taking your motor scooters to town hall meetings and blaming liberals for all your problems. You guys are the lazy ones. You are on the wrong side of history. Conservatives have always been.

The Occupy wall  street protests are larger and have spread further over the course of four weeks than your well funded (by the Koch bros) Tea Party. You blame people for your misery and then get mad at others for being upset about their life. Which is it? Is everything fine and dandy or is America under attack and being destroyed from within?  Are protestors patriots or are protestors loons? Which is it?

I am educated and work two jobs. I do not claim overtime because I am afraid of getting fired. I live in the real world. And I do not blame the half black man in office for the horrible state we are in, I blame the purchasing of our Democracy by a wealthy elite that wants corporate welfare, tax loop holes and to pay the least for the most work.

These people are the true leeches of society. And unfortunately your ignorance and stupidity and you’re isolation in small towns and rural areas has blinded you as to what is actually going on.

Shame on anyone who uses the Hitler analogy or dares to say that a DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT is worse than a terrorist plot which succeeded in killing so many and leaving a psychological scar on the world forever. Shame on all of you.

Conservatives succeed in slowing down progress but you never succeed in stopping it. Evolution does not go the other way around. But then again you guys don’t believe in that either. Imagine if conservatives had succeeded.

We’d still have slavery. Women wouldn’t have the right to vote, and you would all be working 80 hour work weeks (and your children to) for pennies.  The fire department wouldn’t come if your house caught on fire (unless you paid for fire insurance) So well done all of you.

It appears he honestly believes that Obama, A President of the United States is an enemy of the state, not a regular citizen who serve our country, pay our taxes, and work hard to play by the rules and vote like everyone else.  No, to the new right, we are NOT Americans, we are not welcome in their country, we are evil devils trying to take their country by “…sending tanks down Main Street USA,  imposing martial law and suspending  – in advance of totally repudiating –  the Constitution and every  individual protection in it.”

This not just depressing, it’s frightening, but now I’m beginning to see why the right seems so explosively angry these days, and I’m now less confident that we can ever reunite as a country. I suspect this is a war that only one side can win.

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