America the Laughinstock

Turns out the racist right were..,well right about one thing. America IS becoming the laughingstock of the entire world! Whenever something bad happens in this country, Racists like fireandreamitchell blames it President Obama like a good little racist that he is. And others follows the same crap that the President is making us a laughingstock because of his actions. Somehow the racist right thinks EVERY country in the world is like Texas: Uninformed, Unintelligent, etc. But God forbid you’d get an actual statement from an actual foreigner! As it turns out, America IS the laughingstock on the world, but it’s NOT because of President Obama, it’s because of the racist right of America!

Anyway, this guy has the right idea, not the “Living in America” part, the whole “Since America has gotten more conservative, America’s gotten more retarded” thing! Have you noticed that? Since America became more Conservative, the education rate is dropping like a ton of bricks! More Americans are becoming more Uninformed, more Uneducated and More racist all by watching faux news and Rushie the Racist and his hate radio brigade than at an actual KKK event!

With an ACTIVE imagination! Just as Chicken Little started a “sky is falling” hysteria based on a falling acorn, so too are various critics pushing a “Marxist” Obama hysteria based on Obama’s economic policies. Not only do they conveniently forget that the 2008 bailout was initiated by the Bush administration, but they also seem to have forgotten some basics from Econ 101. The facts are Obama is not a Marxist, just a crappy centrist being lied and vilified by the racist, bigoted losers that don’t know what Marxism is.

They will preach, “Anybody but Obama” and the fools will line up and vote for another socialist, liberal Republican.
Remember…It was the Republicans that destroyed the economy and closed businesses, not Obama.
But the Republicans have sold idiots on the idea that the economy was destroyed by Obama.
It was easy.
It’s scary.
Oops, I just revealed the right’s serect to Fear-Mongering. Funny the differences between us and them is:

1. We don’t about being real Americans, We just do it! They don’t!

and 2.
When it came to Bush, we ACTUALLY hated his policies, not the man himself and we never racially vilified his lovely wife like the head racist Rushie seem to do with Mrs. Obama with his racist name-calling!

The right ruined the word ” American”. To them an American is someone who spews all the nasty comments made about the Obama’s But not if you mention the fact that the man has been working hard to sort at Bush mess whiles some Americans cannot just get over the fact that Brown people are in the ‘WHITE’ house!

Why wont cons just come out and say they hate Obama because hes half black?

they attack his character calling him a muslim, anti American, a terrorists from kenya and all kind of things.
5 they blame him for unemployment like the President controls who the 1% hires and who have also enjoyed the bush tax cuts and Obama extended them and has worked with Republicans but they refuse to work with him for political reasons.

they have came out saying their # 1 goal is to make him a 1 term President and Republican Joe wilson thinks its ok to call the President a liar while America is watching.

the truth is they hate his guts because hes Black. to bad his 69 million votes will increase because his voters will stick with him over Romney who wont even be supported by alot of Republicans.

they also have been calling him the worst president in U.S history yet even George w Bush is not even in the worst 10.

Those who truly hate Obama are racists! And and most Anti-Obama opposition come from hatred and racism, never his policies.

P.S. Lee Rodgers is a stone cold racist, bigoted bastard!


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