’s racist tirade continues!

That racist, bigoted loser just don’t know when to shut his ignorant mouth! But racists never shut up! This asshole, like most right-wing racists, are gitty that President Obama’s poll numbers are falling! Remember Obama is the laughingstock, but reminded me, how does being happy that an American President is failing is making up look good to the world! Racists don’t know how to think. And FireAndreamitchell is the proof. Following story:

Obama FAIL! Only 30% of independents approve of the Marxist according to latest Gallup poll

Slip slidin’ away! The Marxist Obama, who was a no show during the whole “super committee” negotiations but is front and center with the Europe debt issue is losing independents once again in droves. As of the latest Gallup poll, the Marxist Obama’s approval rating has decreased among all six partisan/ideology groups that Gallup tracks on a regular basis since January 2011. But among independents, it’s dropped to it’a lowest level yet recorded at just 30%. You’re talking Jimmy Carter like numbers here. It was 40% at the start of the year.

  I hate this asshole! I’ve made a decision! Whenever this asshole calls President Obama something he’s not, I’ll call this asshole something he is.

Let’s Begin!

Independents are the “vote for the lesser of two evils” voters. Partisan voters might hold their nose a vote for their party’s candidate but will still vote for party. Independents will inevitably go for Obama because the Rep. Candidate will be a clown.  Hasn’t anyone here wondered why all of the GOP presidential candidates are completely batshit crazy? Two things!

one, the vast majority of independents will support Obama over any of his potential rivals in 2012. Simply put, none of the GOP contenders has any independent appeal with the exception of Huntsman, and he’s not going to be their candidate.

And two, I think independents will display increasing approval of a second term Obama who’s more effective due to experience gained through his first term and the GOP loss of “making Obama a one term President” as a driving motivator in their legislative strategy.

Now to that racist asshole, fireandreamitchell! As for the whole Marxist thing, you are a retard! 
IMO, you, and most of the people calling Obama a Marxist, have little
to no idea what Marxism is. Or, maybe you just take a few attributes
of Marxism, see them being applied by Obama, and think that is proof
that he is a Marxist.
No big deal, the boneheaded rhetoric and name calling in the political
arena has become so commonplace, it’s almost laughable.


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