“America’s Communist President” as written by America’s Racist Writer!


“America’s Communist President” as written by racist writer Alan Crumbs…I mean, Crauba. A disgusting article written to please the fantasies of the racist right!

I’m writing a rebuttal.

Alan Crauba writes a poorly thoughtful “essay'” If you can call it that, about the so-called confirmation of President Obama’s “Communism” thanks to the head racist, Rushie. On Tuesday. President Obama told a speech at Osawatime, Kansas and as usual, you have to go to the White House website to get the full text, aka, ACTUAL statement of what President Obama said, instead of Head racist Rushie and his  faux speech, but Unfortunenly, Rushie’s fellow racist followers have twisted the President’s words.

As usual, the racist right hates hearing President Obama’s speech, they instead listens to Rushie’s false rebuttal of the President’s speech as revealing himself to be a “Socialist, Marxist” and in Crauba’s case “a Communist”. First off, here is President Obama’s ACTUAL statement. via Guardian:


Now the Ultimate rebuttal!

If you accept the lie that Obama is a socialist, you can also accept the lie that all socialists hate America. If you accept the lie that Obama is a Muslim, then you can also accept the lie that all Muslims hate Jews and thus the lie that Obama hates Jews. These lies, and many others about Obama are readily embraced by racists who are desperate to view themselves as superior to the black man in the White House. Rick Perry, like Fox “News”, is simply exploiting the racist mindset of people who are ignorant enough to take him seriously.

Proof Obama is not a Marxist:He isn’t forcing business to meet production quotas.

Those same businesses that aren’t forced to meet production quotas are also not run by the workers.

He has never called for a mass workers revolution.

Nor are the above three points ever going to happen.
Left wing, does not mean Marxist.

Government interference in some aspects of the economy, are not Marxist. The World is not as black and white as the right wing likes to make out. The choice isn’t Reagan, or Marx.

A Marxist would not put ex-bankers in his Treasury.

Actually, A Marxist wouldn’t have a treasury, because a Marxist wouldn’t be in power, because power wouldn’t exist.

Regulation on amoral industry to stop it becoming immoral industry, is not Marxist.
Keynes was not a Marxist.

Safety nets like Social Security, are not Marxist.

There is no democratic control of the means of production.

Wages exist.

Your State and National borders exist.

Government programs paid for by taxpayers are not Marxist because A) Money would be abolished under true Marxism, and B) Government wouldn’t exist under true Marxism, because Marxism is pretty close to what Bakunin and Kropotkin advocated.

Being black, and friends with Muslims, does not make him a Marxist terrorist who hates White people.

Nor does it make it so, if Glenn Beck says it.

Obama is President. Head of a Government. A Nation State. The very concept of a President, Government and State is anti-Marxist.

In fact, any kind of government regulation set by the State from Minimum wage to Medicare, runs contrary to Marxism, because it legitimizes the State.

Trying to reach out to Muslim nations as opposed to bombing them back to the stone age, and then referring to the slaughter as “liberation”, does not make him a Marxist, nor a terrorist sympathiser.

No industry is Nationalised (unless you count the police force and fire department as industries, by most Right Winged Americans tend to over look those).

And before you say it, Healthcare in the U.S is not Nationalised.

Ask your local supermarket chain if they’re making a profit. If they are, then Marxism has not come to America.

Being Atheist, does not make one a Marxist. (Obama’s religious beliefs are irrelevant).
Obama has never tried to suggest that private property be abolished, that division caused by the free flow of capital is the root of all evil, and all means of productions be taken over by a workers revolution. Until he does, he in no way can be considered Marxist.

The Founding Fathers were neither Socialist nor neoliberalist proponents, because they did not know what Socialism and Neoliberalism were. Are you a proponent or exponent of Chrositographicness? You’re neither, because you don’t know what it is, neither do I, I just made it up. Similarly, the words Neoliberalism and Socialism would have made no sense to the Founders. Stop trying to manipulate their words to suit your agenda.

Higher taxes on the rich, does not mean Marxism. In fact, Marx never mentions the concept.

Just because Obama hung around with members of Socialist and Communist parties in his college days, does not mean he wishes to turn America into the USSA. It’s like saying, he was friends with a few posh British people, and so that clearly means he wishes to revoke independence and become a colony of the British again.

A society that uses welfare to further perpetuate the division between employer and employee, is not Marxist.

Obama is further to the right than Britain’s Liberal Democrats, who are centre-left. He is further right than the Swedes. Both the Lib Dems and the Swedes are not Marxists. The entire World other than crazed right winged Americans understand this. In fact, Swedish healthcare, EVIL MARXIST healthcare, ranks close to the top of the World rankings. America’s system, well, let’s just say it’s fucking appalling. Swedish education, including higher education is free for all, and they still have a higher rate of social mobility than the U.S. EVIL MARXISTS!!!

George Orwell’s 1984 does not represent a Marxist style of government. It is an Authoritarian government, Stalinist, if you will. This is not Marxist. You do not have a telescreen in your house. You do not have a number assigned to you by the single ruling party. You do not have to work changing history for the government-owned media, and your kids do not report you to the thoughtpolice who then do not go on to torture you into submission. Therefore, stop using the phrase “big brother society”, your scare tactics wont work.

Yes, certain rights like wire tapping are government intrusion into your freedom, and yes it’s wrong, as is spending a fortune on illegal wars. Where was all this outrage when Bush was waging his war on the American people? Illegal war resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents = good, healthcare for those less fortunate in life = bad? Really? If that’s the case…… if that’s what Americans truly believe……… then fuck America

Obama is not, never has been, and never will be a Marxist.

 Obama isn’t a communist, either. There is nothing communist in what the President is saying nor in what Elizabeth Warren is saying. Recently, Glenn Beck stated that the Tea Party is racist, (even though true) because, Ironically he proved President Obama is the same as GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich and said they only reason they are supporting Gingrich is because of racism.
Alan Crauba is a liar and a fraud, and like I said in my past column, President Barack Obama is NOT a socialist, or a Marxist, or a Communist! He never was! The Racist right not only use these words ignorantly, but as a shield a distraction! In other words, They call President Obama the “S” word, the “M” word, and the “C” word as a substitute for the “N” word! They can’t out and say the “N” word towards the President expect in certain websites. They hate having a black president, surprisingly, that fact is becoming more clear since they lost their shield, Herman Cain!
Seriously, Does having a black president suck THIS bad, the right constantly portray their obvious racism as fake Patriotism?  To them it is.

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