He’s at it again!

The thing about racists are….they can irrate, but never think. Hot shot racist FireAndreaMitchell proves it again with his lastest faux proganada.

You see, President Obama had withdraw the nomination of Criag Becker, the most controversal pro-union member in his adminstration. But lo and behold, super-racist manages to falsely pass this off as an another Obama failure:

Obama fails again! AFL-CIO attorney Craig Becker nomination rescinded to serve on the National Labor Relations Board

There aren’t many things that Congressional Republicans can do right. They always manage to cave when it comes to passing bills to spend money, raise the debt ceiling, etc. But one area where they have been successful is blocking Obama’s radical nominations. The latest was AFL-CEO attorney extremist Craig Becker’s nomination to the NLRB. He had no chance of being confirmed, so Obama yanked his nomination today in yet another epic failure for the failed Marxist in Chief. Daily Caller has the info:

Screw what the daily caller have to say! The point is that the racist retard not onlt admitted that thr party of NO screwed the President over and blames him, he managed to pass this off as a failure.

The GOP and others live and breathe to dismantle and destroy him. It’s their sole purpose, they’ve made no bones about it, and they don’t appear to mind destroying the country in the process. Meanwhile, Democrats and other onetime presidential supporters, stand aside and wait for him to fix everything by himself or suffer the consequences. They refuse to stand with him, to wrap him in a cloak of unqualified support and solidarity.

Obama is not a marxist. Neither is he a socialist. He is basically the best moderate Conservative President since Clinton. There is no proper left left in American politics. There is a moderate conservative party and a radical conservative party. That’s it. Anyone who thinks Obama is a Marxist is basically a brainwashed moron suffering from decades of red scare propaganda. Spud used to hate such fools but now finds only pity, just like Super dumbass racist FireAndreaMitchell.
by the way! Nope. He’s just stuck between a rock and a hard place. He can’t get anything done with the disfunctional congress and the republican party would rather destroy our country than to allow Obama to succeed.  I’m just calling it like I see it. clearly the republicans are better at destroying the economy than Obama is at fixing their messes-so vote republican, right?

The right is going crazy wearing tea bags and making wild-eyed accusations that Obama is “anti-American,” that he’s endangering the safety of the nation, that he’s out to destroy Christianity, and that shaking Hugo Chavez’es hand threatens the sanctity of private property. It’s enough to make your head bleed. But that’s what racists do. They irate people! I’m now believe anyone who hates Obama is a racist, bigoted loser!



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