Racist Fireandreamitchell’s brain-dead attack on President Obama

Yes! I said I’d only report whenever this turdbox falsely calls Obama a “Marxist” But the super-racist has gone too far. From a story about a quote President Obama NEVER said:

Obama is a horrendous President, leader, uniter. He’s also a lousy golfer, and throws like a little girl. But what Obama is great is destroying this country, stoking the flames of class warfare, and polarizing this country. Beyond that, no one matches Obama when it comes to narcissism. Obama even surpasses BJ Bill Clinton in this department. He is so f*cking arrogant, that he now proclaims himself to be the fourth best “modern” president of all time. Behind Abraham Lincoln (really modern huh?) FDR (socialist), and Lyndon Johnson (of Vietnam fame.) His quote is so laughable that CBS (Central Barack Station) decided to edit out this now classic quote from last week’s interview with 60 Minutes. Luckily, Newsbusters has the quote and the video.


I went to the hospital this morning and got a scan from my brain. I am mentally fit and intelligent…..That’s not what the doctor ACTUALLY said, but my point is I believe anyone who hates this man is a racist! What loser would have the galls to spew such racist, hate-filled crap like your  friends towards the President call himself an American?
Anyway I went to Newbusters and as it turns out, there IS intelligent life there after all. An (unsavory) comment for Jer:

Yes,  the claim is laughable.  Yes, Obama is talking out of his

Submitted by Jer on Sat, 12/17/2011 – 3:49pm.

rear end.

But, just to set the record straight:  He did NOT claim he was the 4th best  President.  There is more to being regarded as a good president or great  president than legislative and foreign policy accomplishments.  Of course even  in those categories his assertion is absurd.

Sorry to rain on the parade.  [It was just a light drizzle anyway.]


The point is Obama never said he was the “Fourth Best President”! But facts never stopped the racist right!

Racist pieces of crap! Some right-wing racists in calling Barack Obama the worst president in US history when we all recognize that that honor belongs to George W. Bush closely followed by James Buchanan. In fact, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences plans to award him their lifetime achievement award on February 26, 2012, for worst performance as a president.Yes, the GOP is insane and is actively trying to destroy America so Obama doesn’t get reelected…

“The color of his skin doesn’t change that” So why do so many people in the opposition (especially among the teabaggers) call him such names, bring up Africa, his parents’ interracial marriage, and other race-related issues? Why can’t they just criticize his economic policies if that’s really what the problem is?

To quote an article I read Yesterday from the Best racist hater in the country, Jueseppi B.:

Racism is a learned/taught sickness, and it is taught by our parents and the environment we surround ourselves with as youth. No infant is born into this world being a racist. A new born has no fear or hatred of a new born of a darker skin color. Babies could care less what your religion is or in what country you were born. But soon, real soon, a racist plans on educating that infant how to hate. That is the purest form of child abuse in America….teaching your child to become racist.

Read the whole thing:




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