Electricity Costs Skyrocket $300 More Per Household Over Last 5 Years, Racist Right blames Obama!!!

From Time:


Households paid a record $1,419 on average for electricity in 2010, the fifth consecutive yearly increase above the inflation rate, a USA TODAY analysis of government data found. The jump has added about $300 a year to what households pay for electricity. That’s the largest sustained increase since a run-up in electricity prices during the 1970s.

But somehow the ignorant racist right manages to successfully blame this on Obama like the lame brain racists they are. Notice how on story states that the cost of electricity went up in the LAST FIVE YEARS!!! According to them it’s all Obama’s fault. Somehow Obama caused electricity to skyrocket in the year 2007…..Just like the racist right, It doesn’t make sense.

In the facebook comment section on USAToday, the most votes go to the ignorant racists blaming Obama while less are rewarded to the ones blaming the REAL culprit….Ourselves!!! It’s our fault that electricity bills are soaring. With new appliances and new technology coming out being the newest thing, we just gotta have it! Not only does it cramp up our room place, but it cramps up our energy! Not to mention the heating bills. Using heat to warn up when we could wear warm socks and cover up in our bed sheets and not wear those stupid-ass Snuggies, or WTF Blankets, or whatever its called…Sure that’s not for all of us, especially not the racist right blaming President Obama!

Things like desktop computers and video game systems are energy hogs. Kitchen appliances and a/c have not made big strides in becoming energy-efficient either. you leave them on, wasting energy that should be conserved and that’s Obama’s fault? The retards obviously failed to read the cited article, as cost increases have nothing to do with Obama or ‘libs.’

It’s our fault, not his. But President Obama said “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” But the a-holes who quote this  neglect to mention that these rates have been climbing WITHOUT the cap-and-trade being in place, just like healthcare cos rising even without “Obamacare”.
It’s obvious those who strongly dislike Obama are being influenced subconsciously by the fact that he’s black. these are good examples of this. On the surface all of his reasons for disliking Obama are political, but he simply refuses to even consider that Obama is anything other than pure evil. He still thinks he’s a Marxist, and that he wants to collapse the economy to start a socialist revolution, and every once in a while he lashes out at him verbally with pure hatred, to the point that it’s unnerving. They blame him for everything wrong in this country, even the things he has nothing to do with, and No, I’m not lying. The Racist right actually blames Obama for things he had nothing to do with!


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