The Racism Never Stops, Even on Christmas!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. It’s Christmas and while most people will spend time with their loved ones, the Armed Forces can, too. But as beautiful and special this time of year is, one thing never stops. The Racist right. The fire of their racist hatred from a black man being president burns brighter than the brightest light of Christmas that symbolizes Love, hope, Togetherness. Their light symbolizes everything the right stands for. Hate, Racism, Bigotry, Homophobia, etc.

Remember that dirty racist “Antzinpantz”? I do. I posted an analysis of his racist website, but I lost it and I’m not doing it again, but I can post evidence. Few weeks ago. The Obama Family shot a new family picture and as excepted, it made the party of the KKK very sick:


You know that it must be an election year because Obama is pandering to everyone he can. Now it’s Christians and ordinary Americans because he’s sending out Christmas cards. And, no, I will not post the picture. I can’t stand looking at that POS SCoaMF and his Wookie wife. Go to the link if you must.


Of course you can’t stand looking at them because you’re a racist asshole. The sight of intelligent black people make you sick and you prove it every single day. Second, is a pathetic rant by “theundergroundconservative”. Nice Name, maybe you should say underground and away from civilization. his closet racist, hate-filled, retarded rant is titled “The Myth of Obama” and here is my rebuttal.

So they asshole starts but insulting the intelligence of a man who was Professor of law. Author of law, legislator of law and lecturer of law. At 2 of America’s finest law university’s. He also helped lift Chicago’s struggling families out of poverty and debt in the 90′s with numerous tax credit schemes. President’s are never smart enough for pinheads. The fact that they make it to the Presidency is proof enough of their smarts. Was FDR smart? Truman? Ike? Kennedy? LBJ? Nixon? Ford? Reagan??? W.? Do the math? Obama has managed to lead the country through some rough times and he has not made things WORSE. W. got us into two wars (cost over 5000 lives and at least one trillion dollars thus far); he led the economy to the greatest collapse since the great depression; generally trashed the American image abroad; alienated our allies; trashed liberties at home via the patriot act; made things worse during Katrina; and was generally an incompetent lout. At least Obama has not done that!

Next, the racist links videos of Obama gaffes and mistakes and pandering the lie the Obama is the first President in history to use a teleprompter. Wired Magazine must’ve forgot to make the article about the teleprompter being created in 2009. Not to mention this retard attacks Obama for saying a quote he NEVER said:

 And now this legend of a post-partisan, post-racial President is just that. A legend. As much as Obama Himself is a legend (in His own mind). The SCOAMF thinks He’s the fourth best President of all time, behind Lyndon B. Johnson, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. He even said so, but to keep from making Him look like the narcissist He is, 60 Minutes chose to edit that part out of the interview it broadcast, leaving it only on the See BS News website.

100 percent official. Anyone who calls the President a SCOAMF is not only a retarded ignorant ass, but a retarded ignorant racist! That would sound stupid, but know it’s a fact! Anyone who calls him this is a racist! Piece of crap Antzinpantz Vilmar is a racist, and he already proved it. Even the asshole who created it (Ace of Spades) must be a racist because those are th only types of assholes who would . A retarded ignorant racist acronym created BY retarded ignorant racists.

Sorry…I lost track…anyway, turns out it IS possible to be racist AND retarded at the same time. Congrats, undergroundcancervative. No where does the president say he’s the fourth best president in American history. What he’s saying is that, in terms of legislative accomplishments in the first two years, his administration would stack up well with other administrations, with the exception of the three he mentioned. A pathetic attempt by right wingers to put words in the presidents mouth. Their nastiness just proves that the Republican base is filled with the vicious and unintelligent, those completely incapable of answering in a calm, clear manner.

Just look at the candidates up for the Rep. candidacy. The fact that the GOP can bulldoze so many into believing that they give a damn for anyone but the super wealthy says it all. I knew I would find all those hate filled tea baggers hovering like chicken hawks on this page. Totally pathetic they trash their president like they do. How Un-American and Unpatriotic can you get. . Remind me again how you people aren’t racist…..wait, you can’t. It’s out of the bag, you are racist, bigoted Un-American haters. inbred gun-toting racist redneck from the Deep poor South ignorant, bigoted, illiterates are a disgrace to this country. Merry Christmas, you disgusting racist, hate-filled assholes!


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