The racist review 12-29-11

Woke up this morning, found out that the racist right are a a brigade of stupidity:

Queen Michelle Obama was seen in Hawaii sporting a little white $2000 sun dress that I really feel she wasted her money on. I have seen similar while shopping with my wife in Dressbarn for around $25.  Mind you, she does seem to enjoy wasting money, particularly the tax payers money, as her early starts to their many vacations shows!

Then they are seen out eating at exclusive restaurants eating meals at around, or just over, presuming they tip 20%, $200 a head. This at a time when so many Americans are unemployed or underemployed, losing their homes and dignity, and can barely put a meal on the table for their family or are relying on charities.  This at a time when food stamps are being issued at their highest level ever.

He is seen at exclusive golf courses playing golf with a man called Robert Titcomb, who earlier this year plead no contest to soliciting a prostitute in Honolulu.  Great partner for the president of the United States to be seen with, although probably better than the many Marxists, racists, low lives and traitors he normally mixes with in his daily hard slog of destroying the America we love.

The people in Hawaii are being told not to take pictures of Obama and his Royal Family, as the White House does not want to rub our noses in the fact that our president is spending millions of dollars on another luxury vacation which we, the people and the tax payers, are on the hook for.  How sensitive of them to consider our feelings!

While he basks in the sunshine, he is putting together his plans to ask Congress, who no doubt will agree, to raise the borrowing limit for the United States to $16.4 trillion, a rise of a mere $1.2 trillion!! When we look at the fiscal year ending september 30th, 2011, the Federal Government took in $2.3 trillion while spending $3.6 trillion.  This means we have to borrow 36 cents for every dollar we spent.

Since our happy little Marxist President took up residence in the people’s house in Washington, the debt that we, the people are on the hook for, has risen 42%. This in only 3 years!  The debt now owed stands at $15.1 trillion.  $10.4 trillion is money “borrowed” by the Federal Government from the people, and the remainder of $4.7 trillion is owned by Government Trust Funds, Social Security and Treasury Securities.  The public owned debt is now 65% higher than it was in January 2009.

I do not begrudge anyone a vacation, I take them myself when I can afford to, but he is in a different position. Out of one side of his mouth he says things like he used to have to fill his own car up with gas, so he knows and feels our pain, and we have to pull in our belts and become more frugal, while out the other side he shows how none of this is really relevant to him. Like the constitution which he thinks is over rated and needs to change with the times, he has a different sence of entitlement for himself and his cronies.

He is due back in Washington on Monday and I am sure will have a full agenda on his schedule, apart from the extra money he wants to spend after Congress approves it. The further redistribution of wealth must go on!!

It is not easy to be King!  That crown sure can get heavy at times.

I thought that the people fought a way some time ago to rid America of a Monarchy. How in Gods’ name have we now somehow got a president who sees himself as a King? What on earth happened to government for the people by the people? Why have we allowed a Marxist into the White House and then further aided his crimes by sitting down and not taking action to stop what was once a gradual erosion of our freedoms and liberties and is now looking like Niagra Falls?

Do we, as a Nation, deserve what we get or will we, as a Nation, stand up and take back our Country from these Progressives before it is too late?

God Bless America.

Signing off for now……………………..fred brownbill.


Well, that is how the Rasmussen poll showing Romney with a 45% to 39% lead over President Obama would read IF the site were to give an accurate commentary on their latest 2012 election poll showing the RINO leading the Marxist.  Rasmussen discusses the trend like this:

A week ago, Romney trailed Obama 44% to 41%. The week before that, he held a slight 43% to 42% edge over the president.

And thus the march towards oblivion might indeed slow. But we will still get there just with better pictures of the sights along the way.



Anyone who loves capitalism, freedom and individual responsiblity knows that Barack Obama is a Marxist.  His policies that he has trotted out over the past three years back up that fact.  So it is not surprising to see via the following video that a Communist group would be chanting a slogan that the Obama campaign ran on in 2008, “Yes We Can!”

What does these three racist idiots have in common. It’s state it.

The right wing whacko poll only cared for by the NY Post hackers. Rasmussen Polls are run by Conservatives and only poll Conservatives. They are as reliable as Fox News polls…smh. This poll is one big lie.  Rasmussen has been in the tank for Romney since  day one.  This poll is being put out there for the Iowa primary but it  won’t work.
Rasmussen is a phony.
Facts are stubborn things. Seems like they have Obama Derangement Syndrome. Funny, I READ references to Jimmy Carter and Obama’s past actions,BUT NOT A PEEP FROM YOU. Must not align with your refusal to acknowledge FACTS.

Gee, was Eisenhower lazy? Won World War 2, President eight years and 2512 rounds of golf and you morons are worried about 90? Get a life!

What is the big deal, golf is like a chance to talk to friends and get ideas in the works, sometimes chit chat causes a break thru idea?

Would you have put this title up?

George Bush chops 90th cord of wood while in office?

Who killed Bin Laden? I say let the guy play golf, he did what George couldn’t do.

Here’s a statement from people you ACTUALLY know what Marxism is. From a forum:

First of, I don’t even know where to put this, so I apologize if this is in the wrong place.
So, I’m very confused on this whole topic of Marxian Economics. Someone told me you can be a Marxist without being Communist; somehow they applied Marxist “philosophy” to an economic policy (there’s more to it). I was wondering if someone could help on this, because the explaination I recieved from a particular person didn’t completely make sense to me because I’m not understanding how you can detach the economic from the political in Marxism. Anyway, I was wondering if I could maybe PM someone the details of the conversation, and they could help me understand more about this. I hope I’m even attaching the right name to what this person was talking about, but as they did not leave any source for me to refer to, I had to look it up on my own. :/
I’m not particularly well versed Marxism, but from what I do know, I simply don’t comprehend this.
So anyone mind helping me with this, one on one? Also, layman’s terms please haha. Thank you!
Edit; Okay, I guess I’ll post this here anyway… Here is how the person tried to explain that you can apply Marxist “Philosophy” with out being a Communist.
Them: “A Marxist is one who follows the theory that a median tells where an entire system is going (no matter what t…his system is). There is major truth in this in many settings. Through controlling the manageable resource to elevate the median, the entire system will run more smooth and have a higher overall output. Now, if you humanize this (back to it’s original form), it would be to elevate the middle to stimulate the highest and lowest portions. Does it work? Well, in theory, yes. In practice, it turns into communism. There is a difference. A Marxist philosophy converted into an economic policy DIRECTLY would not translate into communism. (huh?) It would be a system that was almost purely demand based with greatly reduced effect of supply side factors. It would probably fall closer to a co-op system than a governed system. Carrier corporation used to give annual bonuses in stocks. This is an example of a functional Marxist practice; the worker has more stake in the company, so if the company does well, every employee recieves financial benefit regardless of their actual pay level. In this way, the median is increased, even if the janitor was only paid 15 000 and the CEO 1 500 000. Communism would have the pay and production determined by an outside agency. I hope this explains why a philosophy is greatly different from a practice that it helped lead to.”
Then I asked, how this makes Obama “Marxist” if we are using this definition (referring to a statement made earlier by someone who said “Communist may not be an accurate term…but he [Obama] is certainly a Marxist!”). While I still think the persons explaination of using Marxist philosophy in economics is different from using Marxism politically (politically it would create Communism, economically, not?)
 Their reply: “Obama seeks to increase the overall of the nation by elevating the middle. That is about as Marxist as you get. The question should actually be; Is Marxism bad? Before anyone gets any thoughts or jumps down my throat, I feel that Marxist… ECONOMIC (not political) philosophies are great for alternative energies, agricultural plants (aka, farms) and the like. The thought of Obama winning another term nauseates me, and the thought of our government turning Marxist has moved me to start looking into our founding documents to see at what point the government has gone too far.”
I am completely lost as to how they detached the political from the economic…to make it “not communist”. Also, if he does indeed mean Marxian Economics, then why did he say “A Marxist philosophy converted into an economic policy DIRECTLY would not translate into communism.” if (from the very little I know) Marxian economics only uses Marx as an influence…

What is essentially Marxist in Obama’s view of reality? A labour theory of value? A materialist view of history? The inevitable immiseration of the proletariat? Or is it just a vague family resemblance between the Marxist theory(ies) of class struggle and media meme of ‘class warfare’?

calling Obama a Marxist or saying that he hates America is the sort of hyperbole that (a) undermines the argument that Obama is to the left of most Americans and has a different vision of America than most and (b) devalues the terms ‘Marxist’ and ‘America-hater’, for which there are an abundance of genuine targets.

Youre all paranoic nuts (and troll, and gambling addict). President Obama is no Marxist, and in many respects is more conservative than any number of Republican Presidents. You are all just disgusting racists that hate having a black man as president you used fear into proganda that everything in America was fine under Obama came along! The GOP will destroy this country trying to destroy Obama if we let them.




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