The Sad state of Affairs in America

Has this country gone straight to Hell? Yes it has!

You know it’s gotten bad when Racists falsely call themselves “Patriots” and It makes me sick to my stomach!

They are not “Patriots” They are “Racists”

These “Patriots” hide behind their pathetic excuse of “It’s about his policies” you know, the policies they NEVER talk about. Tell me, “Patriots”? What the lying? What does his personal life have to do with his policies? What does your racist rants towards him, his wife and his children have to do with his policies?

Anytime they call themselves “Patriots” I die a little inside. Funny how a word that used to mean anyone who loves this country, is now been reduced to describing racists, bigots, extremists, homophobes and closet racists on the right!

Little do they know, they’ve desecrated the word! Anyone who isn’t a hate-filled monger can tell that these so-called “Patriots” don’t even resemble The Founding Fathers of America, they know that they more resemble the KKK of the 1950s. Dispensing disinformation, promoting bigotry and racism, and playing upon the fears and ignorance of many Americans – supplemented by a much more than healthy dose of self-promotion.

Not to mention the pathetic attempt to make All current and past Opposition the same. Sorry, it’s not and they keep talking bout how they can find even worst thing we said about past Presidents, but they won’t because they don’t exist and I’ll tell you why, because ALL Presidential Opposition are NOT the same.

Did We question Jimmy Carter’s birth certificate? NO.

Did We question Ronald Reagan’s Religion? NO.

Did FDR receive the most Racist E-mails and Death Threats in History? NO.

Did Bill Clinton ever get threatened Online?…….Maybe…

Did Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan, etc suffer from constant racist attacks about their image, programs, EVERYTHING THEY DO? HELL NO.

It shocks me to read such blogs/posts. It reduces the level of political ‘discourse’ to name-calling and lies, exposing what it belongs to: a propaganda machine, rather than an informed and interesting source of information and critical thought. It is no reflection of the diverse, innovative and strong country I know. Sadly it reflects a tendency towards fear and denial, polarization of rich and poor, hate and finally corruption.

Stuff like this:—obama-has-to-show-his-birth-certificate-b/question-2376091/

and the comments from the various fools around you is exactly why the GOP is the Party of Stupid. Instead of attacking Obama on serious issues, they rather resort to petulant name calling like “What the hell has the bloody Muslim done now?” or “Oh great, the Kenyan thinks he’s been working too hard” or “The only thing I want to know is where’s your birth certificate Barry?” This kind of cartoonish conservatism is why the Tea Party was viewed (or portrayed as) not only a joke by liberals but some independents too.

Obviously the GOP was never motivated by concern of overspending or other claims, It was born of a deeply embedded loathing for people of color and to prevent an Obama re-election, as well as to oust him from office. The birth certificate was one issue, then Obama-Care, as they call it, and it’s pretty much been one issue after another, which has nothing at all to do with advancing the country toward anything.
One thing for sure, the Party has an abundance of energy and seeing them is so akin to watching black and white footage from the 60s. The only difference is that African-Americans are/were affiliated with the organization. It’s all too convenient how they came onto the scene, when their alleged primary concerns were initiated and had been in motion for years, prior to anyone really knowing who Barack Obama was. This is classic racism at its best.

Maybe you righties should think twice before attacking one Andrew Rosenthal for writing the truth, then you attack him and end up proving his point the next hour, day, week or month.

Mr. Rosenthal, to borrow the last paragraph from your excellent piece:

Mr. Obama’s election in 2008 was a triumph of American democracy and tolerance. He overcame incredible odds to become the first president of mixed race, the first brown-skinned president. It’s pathetic that some Republicans are choosing to toss that milestone into the garbage in their blind drive to destroy Mr. Obama’s presidency.

Yes Indeed!



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