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We’ve all heard this idea, mostly from rural conservatives, that it feels like President Obama is “destroying America.” When challenged about how Obama is changing America, folks usually fall short of specifics. Even when they cite policies they don’t like, say health care reform, they can’t really quantify how it’s “destroying America.” The flow of racist tripe began to flow before he was elected and now you were probably one of those doing it.

The first week of the New Year is closing so I’d like to start a little schooling with the facts that the racist right chose to deny because..you know there’s racists..

1. Impeachment

The House would need to serve him with Articles of Impeachment. But Obama would have needed to break a law in order to be convicted of any crime. It’s not against the law to do recess appointments, just like it wasn’t against the law with W., H.W. and Reagan (peace be upon him) did them. By the way, Senate are not in recess, yet they are all out-of-town. Yeah, that sounds exactly like what the founding fathers intended.

2. Obama the Marxist

Really, there is no excuse for you. If there actually were a god, you would have been eating that sandwich. I can’t forgive you for being so stupid that you’d call Obama a marxist. You clearly don’t know anything about either Marxism or him. But to deny that this man is, on all available evidence, a good husband and father, is irrational, immoral hatred carried to an obscene level.

3. Conservative propaganda towards Military cuts

The US spends more than 13 TIMES as much on our military as China – if we cut it back to only 12 times as much, it’s not really that big a problem. Not to mention that we’re borrowing the money FROM THEM to spend, which means we are actually PAYING THEM to build up their military – which is insane. But that’s what happens when you start wars on a Chinese credit card, for which we have the Republicans – and only them – to thank.

And when you throw words like “traitor” towards The President, you and your conservative friends should be looking in a mirror, as your overt attacks on the middle class and the poor to reward your wealthy friends and benefactors is far more traitorous to America than anything Obama has even said, let alone actually done.

Fictional Dictatorship, Factual Hypocrisy

4. Republicans use political trickery to keep the senate from recessing and Obama uses the Constitution to appoint his people. Then you call it tyranny. How many people did Bush appoint in recess appointments?

Yet Obama is called Caesar because of doing this? When Bush appointed 171 recess appointments was there an outcry of Totalitarianism? When Reagan made 243 recess appointments did you call him Reaganista the Czar? When H.W. Bush made 77 recess appointments did you want him impeached?

Someone forgot John Bolton… the UN… sometime in George W. Bush’s Administration? America elects their president every four years and limits them to two terms that’s the last time I checked, anyway. Which means President Obama is NOT a dictator.

5. Racist Birthers

So when he was born should he have had ‘natural born citizen’ stamped on his arse?   Get it right the only reason why ‘birthers’ are up in arms is because a black democrat beat a white good old boy republican, sadly in the year 2008 our country was apparently not ready for a black president…shows you how far our country has come doesn’t it!

There are relentless constants in the manic drive by GOP ultra conservatives, tea party leaders and followers, and unreconstructed bigots to make President Obama a one term president. One is their drumbeat, non-stop barrage of racist depictions, slurs, digs and vilification of Obama. The other is their drumbeat, non-stop barrage of racist depictions, slurs, digs, and vilification of First Lady Michelle Obama.


6. Un-American President (LIE), Un-American hypocrites (TRUE)

Doesn’t seem un-American

I’ve come to ignore most of the wild charges made by these GOP  candidates and their bigoted supporters against The President. The GOP is, as one person calls them, FDMP (Facts Don’t Matter Party). But Rick Santorum’s recent charge that  Obama is un-American demands a response.  What are the scumbags talking about?

Is it un-American to go after and kill Osama bin Laden, who killed 3,000  Americans? Is it un-American to bring the troops home from Iraq, a war that America should never have fought,  and that Santorum supported? Is it un-American to restore America’s place in the world community? Is it un-American to try to assure that everyone has  health insurance and can go to a doctor? Is it un-American  to try to restore the middle class and to try to make the richest 1% pay their fair share in taxes? Is it un-American to give  those in the military the chance to love who they want?

And there you have it,

The flow of racist tripe began to flow before he was elected and now you were probably one of those doing it. The “Party of Lincoln” has flipped and is now the Party of our old friend, the Southern racist bigot. You all remember them. They brought us Slavery and the Civil War. Then came “Jim Crow” and lynching and segregation. Lovely fellows that are sadly still around today doing their evil deeds. More convinced these trolls are racists, because they are! See what happens when a black man becomes President? They deny and lie about their racism, use that tired excuse about criticizing the policies that they never talk about and resort to their racist rants!

A black man got more votes than any white man in history and is the duly elected President of the United States. Get over it!


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