For Christ Sake

Retarded racist fireandreamitchell strikes again.

Is it possible to be…in his case, Yes. He is a retarded racist, bigoted asshole!

Leeching on the story of a CBS poll that shows Republican Presidential Canditate Mitt Romney is the ONLY one who has more points for vote than President Obama.

Seriously, check this title out:

CBS poll: Romney beats Obama, Ron Paul only trials by one point – Obama fails to crack 50 percent against ANY candidate

But neither did Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, and Jon Huntsman, whoever he is!

Funny, the RNC released a new video about President Obam’s broken promises, New Hamsphire edition and unlike the KKK lemmings at the rightscoop and retarded racist fireandreamitchell, No one is buying their bullshit!

They’ve been paying attention. The know President Obama is the only one who is creating plans and policies (half-ass as they are).  In fact, he accomplished a good deal of what he promised: he got health care reform passed, he got bin Laden, he got us out of Iraq. It’s not Obama’s fault that the Republicans have done everything they could to harm the country instead of seeking to compromise for the public good.

This doesn’t make sense. If you know something isn’t working, it is insane to continue trying. Obama had free reign politically for two years, and his policies have produced anemic growth. In contrast, Reagan faced a worse economic crisis when he entered office and delivered growth in 1983 and 1984 that ignited one of the strongest 25 year periods of economic growth in U.S. history. Indeed, between 1983 and 2007, the United States endured strong growth and only two mild recessions (1990 and 2001).

The general rule for recoveries has been the greater the decline, the stronger the recovery. So, the recovery in 1983-84 was much stronger than the recovery in 1990 and 2001. By this standard, Obama’s record is weak at best.

Americans may re-elect Obama for a second term. But they will not elect him because he is the devil they know. They will elect him only if they believe that his polcies will work with one more term. I don’t believe his policies could work with three more terms; but it is not disingenuous for an American voter to disagree with me and give Obama one more shot.

I read the article. Mr. Paul is absolutely correct. The American president is not a socialist. As to where he fits within the volumes or “ists” and “isms” it is hard to determine.
From where I sit in Canada here are the three most mis-understood “isms” I see people talking about on the American media (as well as ways of thinking about what they really mean).
Capitalism: You get what you pay for and let the buyer beware.
Socialism: The retailer has a three for the price of two deal. I have enough for one. Who wants to go in for the cost of the second one?
Communism: I have the skills to produce a single product in high quality and large quantity. I’ll let them go for free/low cost as long as my needs (and a few discretionary wants) are taken care of under the same conditions.

He is a crony capitalist who is costantly being lied about from the racists, bigots of the right who can’t stand having a black man as president!


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