I was right as usual. The spirit ofthe KKK resides in the racist right and this despicable displace of false Patriotism is proof in the pudding.

The Republicans pretend that it isn’t important to raise the debt ceiling to pay the debts they incurred by unfunded tax cuts, unfunded Medicare D and two unnecessary unfunded wars. Now they pretend that Obama tries to make government bigger when, in fact, he tries to make it smaller but at the same time increase revenue to pay for the Republican debts!

Reaganomics never worked. George H.W. Bush called it voodoo economics until Reagan won the primary and made Poppy Bush VP. so he’d be quiet about it. But voodoo economics it is. Trickle down has never worked except to scam the poor and middle class.

Before you accuse Obama and the Democrats of being Marxist/Communist/Socialists, can you tell me if you also consider Nixon a Marxist/communist/socialist? He imposed wage and price controls on the entire economy. How about Harry Truman – was he a Marxist/communist/scoailist? He nationalized the steel industry – stripped private ownership away and said that the government owned them. Are they communists? How many other American Presidents do you consider to be communists? And if so, what exactly do you mean when you call someone a Marxist/communist/socialist? I suspect that you are so brain-washed by childish Republican propaganda that you will be incapable of responding to these questions.

Obama does not have radical leftist beliefs, nor is he dedicated to the destruction of our Constitutionalist Republic. He is nota fraud and anyone who saids he is is a racist. I understand that as a conservative you are ashamed of the Bush Administration and the actual illegality and anti-Constitutionality practiced by the Republican Party 2000-2008. But it is a pathetic tactic to accuse Obama of imaginary and overblown crimes in order to dodge responsibility for the harm to our Republic actually caused by you and your votes. It is all about your cowardice, and your inability to take responsibility for your own actions through your votes for the worst President in a century, and the damage that has caused to our great country.

All the racist white people who hate the idea of black people in their “Whitehouse” are leeching right here. Racists one and all! You haters will seize on anything minor to rip on a Black Man, he was obviously tired from trying to whack his balls out of the giant sand trap the official told him he? was in, then he got a little pissy when he was told he was actually in Iraq, what’s the big deal?

He hates soldiers so thats why he ended the illegal war in Iraq and welcomed them home. He hates soldiers so he increased VA services to include TBI and Stress Disorders. He pushed for a jobs program and the First and Second Ladies have worked to help wounded Vets. Oh by the way he’s eventually bringing the troops home from Afghan. But hell hes a Commie a Socialist wasn’t even born in the USA Right?

Obama’s website states he is a committed Christian. He was sworn into the Senate on his family Bible. He has regularly…..forget it. You racists don’t rely on facts no matter how many timeswho falsey claimit. You rely on Racist rants, Character Assassination and Conspiracy theories to take this President down and that shows how sick in the head you people are!

These racists try to ugre and others to vote the Republicans get back into power so they can finish destroying the country Obama is trying to fix.

Anyone who says Obama is destroying this country is, without a doubt, a racist hypocrite!

Stop calling yourselves “Patriots” You are desicrating that word. You are not Patriots, you were never Patriots, and youwill never be Patriots. What you scumbags really are, and will always be are Racists, bigots, Un-American White supremist following haters. That’s what you REALLY are!


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