Sorry you possibly died for nothing, MLK!

Yesterday was MLK Day. A day celebrating the life of in my opinion, the greatest African-American who ever lived. I was devastated when I learned how he died many years ago. Now that it’s over. Klansman Buffon and the rest of these racist lemmings resort back to attack the first lady with the racist name-calling. If President Obama points out the inequity 1-percent, it is not Racism. Try to deny the fact that the Republican Party is Racist Now.

Little to my knowledge, they have been busy Yesterday attacking Mr. and Mrs. Obama like this racist website I found recently known as “Waznmentobe”

Racist Headline #1:

and Racist Headline #2 and 3:

It’s official. Waznmentobe is, without a doubt, a racist website! But I’m not resorting back to my ignorant rants and name-calling.

Race matters and always will. Democrats will try to get as many black people to the polls as they can. The GOP will try to suppress the black vote and get as many whites to the polls, and both… parties will scrap over the hispanic vote. West is trying to pander to his largely white constituency by pretending to be above race. The whole reason why West was elected was because the Tea Party wanted to show that they don’t hate Obama because he is black. With out race, religion and any other identities politics would not exist. The right is playing the race card himself by accusing the President of doing the same thing.

When Barack Obama was elected. I admit I saw a bit of MLK in him, now I don’t know why I did. But I’m sure The Late Great Dr. Martin Luther King would be rolling in his grave knowing what became of his party that the so-called “Respectful party” claims he was a member of.

He would be devastated that the word “Patriot” is known only used to describes right-wing racists, bigots, homophobes that hate having a black man is office

Here is my point: Obviously many of you are content to put me on a black bandwagon and accuse me of pulling out my race card, you are all idiots then. My main point was that whatever your political views may be, whatever your personal opinion of the character of the Obama family may be, keep their race out of it. Because once you mention her race when it otherwise has no business being there, yes it is construed as racism and I would love to see you defend it. She could be an angry woman or a fat woman if that’s how you truly feel but putting black into it makes it appear as though you are using her RACE to insult her. which is exactly what you meant to do, correct? By that logic, you see her race as something negative and are therefore exhibiting racist values. America does not need any more hate or injustice, MLK would have died for nothing. Thinking about the fact that the party the once had an amazing person like Dr. Martin Luther King, today now has a man who is the opposite of everything Dr. King was. I’m talking, of course, about Rush Limbaugh!


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