President Obama rejects Pipeline XL (Good Choice), Racist right horribly retalitates if he Does, Damned if he doesn’t!

Turns out being a “Left-wing tree hugging hippie liberal” Has it’s advantages. we KNOW this was a good idea President Obama has done. Had he gone for it, the only jobs it will create are for Canadians from the Canadian company running the show and no effects will be felt for ten years, with a more than a 50% chance of tragedy to our natural resources via oil spill or explosion and a great target for terrorism.  The racist right can’t see the light through the war-bucks stuffed up their butt-holes.

I’ll bet if this thing gets passed and built and turns into the disaster that it so easily could in so many ways the Republicans will say this was built on Obama’s watch and is his responsibility. That will gradually evolve into this was Obama’s plan, his project, and he rammed it through. You know an insurance mandate was originally a Republican plan and proposal. The Republican memory is short and selective.

“This is not the end of the fight. Republicans in Congress will continue to push this because it’s good for our country and it’s good for our economy and it’s good for the American people,”  What he really means by that is that it will be good for big oil whose dick the republicans suck.

But wouldn’t you know. Almost every racist right losers are attacking him for putting health over jobs! I want you to read the despicable, racist comments on the rightscoop, I’ve been banned from that website because I’m not a racist like most of those commentators are!

On a side note, read a perfect example of Right-wing racism from this guy:

Thanks for proving my point of you and your party’s racism! I thought you Connies and T’baggers claimed to dislike corporate welfare. The funny thing is people like you think he’s marxist, socialist, or,gulp, Stalinist even though he’s proven to be nothing but a moderate who tried to appease conservatives way too much. “Obama is the worst President ever.” Really? since when? 2009? There’s at least 5 presidents objectively worse than Obama. That is not even an arguable fact. That statement is emotional and not based in factual comparisons.

Calling and elected President as the enemy of America shows only how sick in the head you racists are!

Soon, all of us, will have to decide between Obama and one of the Republican candidates. Well, Obama’s record is an open fact. What it is not is “socialist,” “Nazi,” “apologetic,” proof he “hates America,” “class warfare,” “elitist,” or any of all the other incongruous negatives the Republicans relentlessly screech. What it is a weak, moderate state being sullied by lying racists. I can guarantee you that Obama isn’t a Communist! The job collapse (which started at the end of those famous 8 lost years of GOP tax cuts for the filthy rich and a counterproductive trillion-dollar war in Iraq) bottomed out at the beginning of 2010, as the Obama stimulus took effect. Since then, the US added2.4 million jobs”.

Now go vote for “Mitt the jobslasher” rightard dumbos and enjoy another 8 lost years of GOP destruction of the US economy!

You are an idiot … The Bush’s ruined this Country FOREVER … wake up and face it!! Racist!

I’m convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are all racist, bigoted, hate filled losers that can’t stand having a black man as President of the United States!


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