Jim McNaughton’s “Forgotten Man” a favorite among Art Lovers and Racists!

In 2010, Right-wing Artist, Jim McNaughton created a Painting entitled “Forgotten Man”. The Painting shows a depressed man.all past 43 Presidents of the United States, and the Current President, Barack Obama. And he is “Trampling on the Constitution”. The painting started controversy in 2010 and there’s a Youtube page about the story. But why are the racist right talking about it now? Because from a Racist perspective, they agree with him!

Personally, Jim McNaughton is NOT a racist! He is a man with extraordinary talent and heart. What he draws captivate the Independents of America who hates the Democrats and the Republican’s turmoil for many years.

He has a youtube page called McNaughtonArt. And personally When the Bush/Cheney administration pushed the “Patriot Act” through Congress and Bush signed it into law why didn’t McNaughton do a picture of them trampling the Constitution.

If this is a non-partisan painting why do you have Democrat presidents standing next to Obama and clapping but you have Reagan standing next to the man on the bench like he’s trying to protect him? It just goes to show that white people still have a bad taste in their mouth due to Obama being elected and they’ll go to ANY lengths into trying to bring him down.

YES he hasn’t lived up to the hype that he was supposed to bring to the Office but still having him painted with him stepping on the Constitution is not just a slap in the face to him but to the millions of people who voted to him. You should be ashamed in yourself for even thinking that this would be some statement that represents the American thought…



The links I just posted are the despicable  racist, hate-monger, evil, pathetic, pieces of crap!

But this doesn’t remove or destroy the fact that Jim McNaughton is an amazing artist. I am an Artist, too but I pale in comparison to Jim McNaughton. I don’t even care if he hates President Obama. Really! I don’t care! I love his work and that’s that!


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