Conservative (Racist) Blog Central = Racist Website

Seriously, I miss doing this:

This website is like the U.N. of racist, bigoted snobs.

Whoever directs this website is a racist, and the proof is in the pudding.

  • Linking to fellow racist conservative websites like Mad Jewess,, etc.
  • Racist Pictures of President Obama
  • Ignorant posts blaming and Attacking President Obama

Seriously, The GOP has a long history of electing moronic right-wing leaders and I guess this year will prove no different.

I told you this country is racist! It’s 2012 and the racist right don’t even hide it anymore, But these hypocrites attack Samuel L. Jackson…Screw that! You racists lost that case since what your fellow racist right said about Whitney Houston on faux News. Disgusting!

The truth is that the economy crashed due to Bush GOP laws that gave preferential treatment to the very rich. During the last two years of Bush’s administration, thousands of people lost their jobs, homes, struggled with hunger and stress. President Obama has done a great job saving our nation from the catastrophe caused by the right-wing, it is the GOP Republicans that have been obstructing progress from the start because they have never wanted the Democrats to fix the economy. The GOP Republicans have no interest in helping workers because GOP only values wealthy people. GOP wants to create a two class system of rich and poor with no middle class. They started this mission during the idiot Bush years and now want to gain control so that they can enslave the working class by taking away worker’s rights, restricting voter rights, eliminating minimum wages and equal rights. GOP candidates have admitted that their only interest is in defeating President Obama, not in helping the working poor have equal opportunity at rising up to middle class status. A GOP President will not represent the workers of the United States. GOP represents millionaires, racists, bigots and snobs. President Obama represents all working class equally. He is my President. GOP candidates can say whatever they like, but the truth is that just like they said NO to the Democrats, We Democrats can say NO back to them.
In fact, some dude from Examiner posted the five ways the Racist right…actually the Republicans are destroying America and succeeding in blaming the black President:
It is BECAUSE they know how dismally the Bush economy failed that they seek to continue it. They still believe that by blocking anything that will help our economy continue to improve there are people so uneducated and ignorant that they will blame the President for the damage they do.

The only damage Obama is doing is damage Control!

Two days after the President took office he signed an executive order to close down Guantanamo. In the three years since then the Republicans have blocked the necessary funding to accomplish it at least seven times.

Thanks to Tea Party blackmail the Bush tax giveaways to millionaires, which are the single largest contributing factor to the Bush Great Recession, were extended for another two years. Otherwise, the average American’s income taxes are LOWER now than they have been in 50 years.

Yeah, defending the security and safety of the United States of America is a truly horrible thing to do. Maybe the President should waste another two trillion dollars and another 5,000 brave American soldiers by attacking a country that poses no threat to us.

The President has already begun to get us past the idiotic No Child Left Behind program, granting waivers to a dozen states so they can return to actually educating children instead of playing politics and trying to teach creationism as science.

Most of the “bailouts” came through TARP, one of George Bush’s going away presents to the American economic crisis. On the other hand, by setting up a loan program rather than a bailout for the American auto industry, we now have restored that industry to vitality and profitability and the loans are being paid back with interest.


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