Right-Wing Hypocrisy At it’s Best!

So President Obama released something called “Truth Teams” this week, And the point (like Attackwatch, fightthesmears, etc.) is to get the REAL stories that are usually….no ALWAYS faricatured by the ignorant, hypocritical and mostly racist right.

But if you read the ignorant comments from the lemmings at TheBlaze, they again prove, that they have no respect!

What happened to the Republican party. What a shame, what a waste. Neither Obama nor Romney is truly evil. But both are deeply disappointing and, oddly, in the same disturbing way. Ok then, give me an example of one of Obama’s so-called lies. Be specific. Name one, explain why it is a lie, and present the “proof”.  Hard to believe that the possibility is that Anyone who calls Obama a liar is an hypocritical and/or racist who lies about this man’s religion, his birth certificate, his policies, etc. And who died and made them deciders on what’s truthful and what isn’t.

Isn’t that what Factcheck, Snopes, and my TruthorFiction, and my favorite, Politifact is for?

You want to talk about facts! It’s 2012 and the facts (not created by racists) are in!

It is FACT that Republican candidates are making up how Marxist Obama is. They have chosen to run against Obama that doesn’t exist. Obama is a centrist (nothing wrong with that) and no matter how far he bends to prove he is not a radical leftist they continue to campaign against him as if he is. Can someone explain to me how Obama can be a #socialist, a Marxist, and a communist all at the same time?

It is FACT that Some America politicians and even the church are being so negative about Obama. CLAIMING that Obama is hates Jews. They have sung this song till we are tired. One Jew said in Dayster TV. The media is being fed with crap. It hurts. You want Jews to hate Obama because you are racists.

It is FACT that Because impeachment is NOT a “punishment”… contrary to what conservatives think it is. It is simply a process of removal from office. It requires no crime and it is PURELY a POLITICAL process. So if the racist conservatives want to show their true colors and go for impeaching Obama… let them….

It is FACT he’s a Christian which you’ll know is almost as bad if you’ve read the Bible and the Qur’an. It is also FACT that it’s because he isn’t a white is why you bigots don’t believe he’s Christian. According to you, You must be a white man to be a Christian? Disgusting!

It is FACT that You’re making the assumption that Obama is inherently unqualified. Since there is no one who holds the office of president prior to first being elected, all candidates are more or less the same. None of them have experience as president so we are all left to grasp other criteria to evaluate. Obama met the minimum requirements needed to be elected. There is no difference.

It is FACT that Obama will NOT be the downfall of anything except Mitt Romney. The administration has already agreed to give religious institutions a break on contraceptives so there goes that argument. You should have screamed about the Constitution when Dick Cheney was running the government and led us into spending a trillion dollars in Iraq 10 years ago, killing 5000 and maiming 40,000 more just for the oil! Where were our Constitutional rights back then? Republicans need to work for the GOOD of our country. They are afraid of doing ONE THING, for fear that Obama will get an ounce of credit. Hence, nothing gets done.

That’s easy, because they are hate-filled racists! The scumbag here Believes anyone that does not look like him is Evil. Spoken like a refugee from the fact challenged Fox News.

◦You know he’s not a Socialist. ◦You know he’s not a Nazi. ◦You know he’s not a Muslim. ◦You know he’s a U.S. citizen. ◦You know there are no death panels. ◦You know the economy crashed under W. ◦You know government isn’t any bigger than it was under W. ◦You know there’s no conspiracy to turn the U.S. communist.

But you repeat these ridiculous lies anyway, because you can’t say the real reason you hate Obama: YOU CAN’T STAND A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE


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