President Obama attacked by Fake Christians (aka Real Racist Bigots)

Rick Santorum, the bigot, Attacks President Obama’s faith. And unfortunately, it kind of has some relevance on this election. As I kept saying over and over, it’s 2012 and racism is on the rise. The racist right has a chance to get rid of President Barack Obama; they no longer hide their racism anymore. It’s there for all to see.

I just love it when Tea Partiers and Republicans don’t understand the laws of their own country despite all their screaming about the founding fathers. Doesn’t matter what the birth certificate says, Obama is a citizen because the law says a person born between 1952 and 1986 is a citizen if:

The person’s parents were married at the time of birth

One of the person’s parents was a U.S. citizen when the person was born

The citizen parent lived at least ten years in the United States before the child’s birth;

A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after the citizen parent’s 14th birthday.

Go to the US State department website. click the link for citizenship and naturalization. The section that applies is the one titled, “Birth abroad to one natural citizen and one alien parent in wedlock.”

By the way, by applying the same “jus soli” or “right of soil” to John McCain’s candidacy, means his right to be president could be contested too. Be careful what you ask for.

Obama’s parents fit all 4 criteria. Your racism is showing Whiz.

In the past, the strategy on the right was to intimate that Obama was a closet Muslim (he is not.) It was too crass even for our crassest politicians to come out and utter this falsehood, so, when asked about Obama’s faith, the strategy was to say, “If the president says he’s a Christian, he’s a Christian.”

Obviously, anyone who said otherwise is with a doubt in fact, a racist, bigoted liar! To the right, A Christian MUST be a White, Gun-loving, sometimes overweight American who spews hatred about ALL and OTHER Religions that AREN”T dominated by racist whites! But I, and especially THEY, But we still are not in position to declare who is or who is not Christian.

When in fact, a perfect example of a REAL Christian is someone who follows the teachings of Christ. Love Thy Neighbor

Simply stated. Because they have no idea of what evil really is and has not faced it vis-a-vis. Such nonsensical bandying about of terms leads to the true dilution of meaning. Anyone who calls Obama “EVIL” is without doubt, Not a Christian, but in fact a racist, bigoted extremist!

If you guys think Obama is radical, take a look around the world. Our current conservative government seems so far right compared to our other parties, yet is still more left leaning then Obama. For the record, our society is doing just fine thanks.


I also cannot stand when people try to portray him as communist or Marxist. It’s just so far off base from reality and nothing but a fear tactic that most Americans are too dumb to see through.

Despite the incessant screams of “Traitor!” coming from the Right,

Obama hasn’t actually committed treason You can’t impeach President

Obama because he has not committed a high crime or misdemeanor, they

only crime he committed was being black and they hate that! That’s why

They create bogus charges of crimes!

This indicates that there are a lot of right wing fascist extremists. But y fail to realize that the people who elect the President are not extremists and are rapidly tiring of grumpy old men using slogans and labels instead of real debating. Rick told us Sunday Obama was a Christian so it must be true. Many Christians and Republicans are not rabid Muslim haters or care about Saul Alinsky. Obama favorable rating 50%. Reps saying nasty things about Their own candidates. Go Reps


No, Obama is not a Marxist. I honestly don’t know of anyone who is. That kind of fell out of fashion after the Berlin Wall fell.

Why would anyone born in Kenya have a birth certificate from Hawaii? Is it some kind of conspiracy on the part of the Hawaiian government to pass foreign citizens off as Hawaiian?

The “Hope and Change” efforts have been impeded by the “Gloom and Doom” efforts of the opposing “Party of No”. So called because they have steadfastly voted “No” on everything–including the much-needed jobs bill.

Is Obama out to destroy America? Apparently, not as much as George W Bush, whose administration singlehandedly took our budget surplus and left us trillions in debt, for a start.

Will Obama get re-elected? Against any of the bozos on the GOP side who are so underwhelming that even the Republicans can’t choose among? Yeah, I would say probably.

Who gives any of you the right to decide who is a Christian and who is not? No you are NO Christian!

This is one of a very few polls where all of the above is really the case. Obama is a Christian, he may understand Islam a lot better than most but that does not make him a Muslim. In any case it really is no one’s business what religion he is so it just doesn’t matter


Maybe I’m Muslim because I respect the good people that practice Islam, and allow them their beliefs.

This isn’t proof of anything except his family history and respect for others.

Examples like the KKK whores Mad Jewess and Wild thing! These whores aren’t Christians. Christians don’t write disgusting crap like this:


Shut the hell up! Bitch! You are NO Christian. YOU are far from a Christian. If you say you are, YOU are a god-damn liar. You are, in fact, a lying racist, bigoted, extremist whore! Wild Thing, too.

President Obama truly has an administration that has failed…

…to live up to every far rightwing fringe paranoid fantasy.

Admit it, fringe conservatives; you wanted Obama and America to fail. Your delusional conspiracy theories over the last 3 years have been absurd – everything from calling him a radical Christian morphing to a secret Muslim, from being a fascist who was secretly a socialist, from being a Kenyan, who coincidentally offered proof of his American birth the day he had Bin Laden killed.

Admit it. Just like the weirdoes claimed, you really wanted Obama to confiscate all guns (more guns now than ever – fail! ) destroy capitalism ( rising stock market highest in years – fail! ), you wanted him to raise taxes to record highs (they are lower – fail! Web Link), and you thought his Detroit bailout would guarantee the destruction of the American auto industry (saves 3 million jobs and saves industry – sorry Mitt – fail!).

That wasn’t all… You told us Obama would surrender to terrorists (Obama gets bin Laden – fail!), stuff conservatives into FEMA concentration camps (glen beck 2009 fantasy – fail!), create death panels (sorry, Sarah – fail! Web Link) and impose Sharia law on all Americans (the Obama’s go to church – fail! Web Link).

The right wing fringe and their conspiracy theories add up to one thing on their part – an epic fail. President Obama inherited an economic disaster: job losses of 750,000 for consecutive months and a $1.3 trillion deficit. We are digging out – 23 months of private sector job growth creating 3.5 million jobs Web Link, a new budget reducing $4 trillion off the deficit, surging stock markets and the highest domestic oil production in 8 years.

We have a long way to go, but we are on the right path.

How dare you call a sitting President a POS. You people are disgusting racist scum which explains your redneck breeding. If he were white with the same problems your butts would be as quiet as you hillbillies were when Bush was bleeding the country dry before he left office.

In fact, this woman’s got the right idea! George W. Bush Was the Worst President in History

In this particular instance, the organization that can’t spell his name thinks he’s evil because he is more nuanced in his views of abortion than they are.

He doesn’t embrace their world view completely, so he’s evil. This makes it easier for their constituents to think of him not as a human being, but as a demon out to destroy the country.

If you think of your opponent as actually human, then you have to do that whole civil discourse thing, and they clearly aren’t into that.

Sigh.  With respect to those Christians out there who are progressive, and I know many, this diatribe is the sort of thing that makes me think we’d be better off without religion in this world.  These people have got to face reality.  There are too many humans on this planet.  We’ve hit 7 billion and are predicted to hit 9 billion people on earth by the end of the century.  9 billion!  Mother Earth can’t handle that.

Every year approximately 15 million children die of starvation.  The World Health Organization estimates that currently 1/3 of all humans are well fed, 1/3 underfed and 1/3 starving.  They also estimate that a person dies from hunger every 3.6 seconds.  And yet, for the folks at the American Life League family planning is an evil act.  Tell the 2.3 billion people starving right now that family planning is evil.

To call our President evil because he supports reasonable efforts to control the world’s birth rate is to turn away from stark reality.  And that reality will not be fended off by quoting scripture.  Starvation is deaf to scripture.  Face that.

SS, oh boo hoo. Are your candidates being scrutinized? Are they actually being made accountable for their words? Good. It’s not like the right wing has ever given Obama a pass on anything he has ever said. Republicans have poured over every statement he has ever uttered and made wild inferences about the “secret meaning” or “what he’s really saying”. I have heard every crack pot theory there is. From “he wants to destroy America” to “Obama actually hates white people” to “he is a secret Muslim”. While these may be conservative opinion, none of them are true.

Don’t be surprised when the exact same thing happens to your guy. It has been happening since the beginning of politics. Suck it up and put you big girl panties on. Things are only going to get tougher from here to Nov. Then you can spend the rest of the winter making excuses, creating conspiracy theories, and thinking of reasons to impeach.

It’s time to face facts! I said it once, I said it twice, I said it trice, and I’ll keep saying it till I die!

Anyone who calls Obama all these things are, in fact, racists.

Calling Obama a fraud is like calling Hillary a war monger. Both statements would be unmitigated BS!

Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist, and speaking of lying about religions.

But why am I different from them? Easy! My hate factor didn’t go to 1000 when Obama became President! KKK lovers like Mad Jewess, Wild Thing, Startthinkright, etc. hate ANYONE who doesn’t think like them, the hate ANYONE who doesn’t look like them. They hate ANYONE who isn’t a white “Christian” like them.

I hate haters like them. I hate racists, I hate bigots, and I hate extremists because they hate it when people like me who aren’t white have the same rights as they do. They don’t see me as an American. They see me as a squatter.

Christians don’t hate, these racists do.

Christians don’t discriminate, these bigots do.

I don’t know about judging people, but These Extremists do it all the time.

It’s obvious now! A vote against Obama is a vote for Racism. That is a fact. Coming from scumbags who call me a traitor for exercising my constitutional right as an American to vote for Barack Obama, or anyone else, it’s no doubt this is fact.

For those of you who didn’t like reading this….FUCK YOU!


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