Vetting Rebuttal

The dictionaries actualy define socialism and marxism clearly.

Socialism is a form of government that nationalizes private property, and controls the means of production. No private property, and no private ownership of businesses.

Marxism is the transitional state between capitalism and socialism. You must have the nationalization of private assets and industry as your goal before anything that you do can be called “marxism”

Raising taxes is not socialism. Bailing out auto manufacturers is not socialism. Passing healthcare reform isn’t socialism. Establishing a single payer healthcare industry is not socialism.

If Obama had socialism socialism is his goal, everything he does would be marxism. Obama hasn’t declared that socialism is his goal….so nothing he does is marxsim.

I can keep writing the facts about Right-wing racism, and the lame defenders will ALWAYS resort to character Assassination, because they can’t refute my facts or the obvious. The Right-wing of America are the biggest racists, bigots, extremists, homophobic people in the world.

Another fact, Most people are STILL racists and hate having a black man as President…because he’s black! The proof is in the pudding!

But without proof, democrats are the REAL racists. Okay. Can you remind me what was the name of the democrat judge who sent an racist Obama e-mail last week? Anyone.

And I guess these are democrats who hang out at FreeRepubliKKK, right?

Also not to mention bigoted as well:

President BUSH walked hand in hand with an Arab leader and called him a member of his family who is the Muslim now?

Exactly HOW did he ruin this country. I hear you conserves talk about he’ll ruin this country but don’t mention how Bush ALREADY ruined it and you want to “take our country back”……FROM WHO? What freedoms have you lost since Obama’s been President? NONE!!!! Think for yourself instead of repeating racist republican rhetoric!!!!

No he was not born in Kenya and not a muslim nor a fraud.. I was there in Hawai the year he was born..and baptised Then ! keep your hatre for somebody else.

Same thing with the birthers. Just admit it. Be honest. You guys can’t stand that a black dude got elected to be President. It doesn’t make your viewpoint any less idiotic, but at least you’re being honest with yourself.

Funny. The whole time the Breitbart people were trying to paint Obama as a communist, I (with facts and such) easily “painted” most on the right as the Racist, bigoted, Hate-filled Anti-Americans they are! Sad, Really!


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