Time to White-wash our racism!

Time to come clean. Today I listened to Rush Limbaugh….as a matter of fact, I’ve been forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh for the past three months. My mother listening to Rush Limbaugh because She hates President Obama as much as he does. Does that make her a racist? depends, because it’s base on ignorance. She spews racist ignorant rants again blacks due to…I kid you not…how blacks are portrayed in movies….MOVIES!!!

But seriously, Before I left, I listened to Sean Hannity at the beginning talking about “Liberal Hate Speech”. And I’ve noticed something. Not only are the right exposing their obvious racism, The big names in Conservatism are doing the best to erase, deny, and spin their party’s obvious racism.

Again, Liberals are the racists. Liberals are the ones writing disgusting comments again President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama with racist name-calling from racist websites like Weasel Zippers and the Blaze:



Liberals are the ones sending racist e-mails about President Obama!


Liberals…you know what? go on this website:


Few days ago, I posted how the racist right managed to blame the President for the murder of a 13-year White American who was burned by two blacks and ignorant racists blamed him and made it his fault!

If my past post, Racial Divide, who REALLY caused it is any invocation. The right’s new plan to erase their three years of racism. three years of bigotry, three years of extremism, three years of hate and pin it ALL on us, the party who gradually accepted that a black man is President!

When Obama was running for president & I seen all these white people all around the country out there cheering for him I thought wow race relations have come a long way. When he went to Germany & 100,000 Germans showed up 2 hear him speak I was like wow we’ve come a long way. But when he won all these racist republicans came out of nowhere. From Rush Limbaugh singing Barack the magic *****, Joe Wilson calling him a liar in front of congress & the nation, & just a few days ago a judge forwarding emails about Obama’s mother having sex with an animal. No president in history has been disrespected more than this man! But they loved baby Bush! They loved Reagan! All the damage those 2 did to this country! They got 4 more years to be mad cause he got this election by a landslide!

P.S. A more accurate obvious article on right-wing racism.



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