Part 2!

Republicans want Obama to fail, making Americans suffer, just so they can get elected They are destroying our country, just to win the power of the White House and Congress.   Its pretty sick if u think about us.   Not to mention, the way they have been for at least half a century.   When they are in the majority they spend like drunk fools, trample all over the constitution and tell people “Deficits don’t matter” and “If you haven’t done anything wrong, the US government should be able to do whatever they want and spy on you.”   NOW: Put a Democrat into the White House and all of a sudden, these same Republicans get out their guns, literally, saying how things have changed so much, and they will fight to the death for their “Don’t Tread On Me”  flags.   FIRST: George W. Bush signed the Patriot Act, which completely trumps the US Constitution.   SECOND: George W. Bush administration forcefully disarmed people during the Katrina disaster.   THIRD: George W. Bush wanted to invade Iraq, when they should of stayed in Afghanistan, but he had finally found a way where he could get away with something he wanted to do for about a decade.   FOURTH: George W. Bush dismantled the branch of government created to find Osama Bin Laden.   FIFTH: He passed the ‘Faith Based Initiatives’ which is unconstitutional, he did this not with the help of congress, but he forced it through, like a Dictator does.

SIXTH: They hate the fact that Obama got (not killed! He didn’t shoot him) one of the biggest terrorist in existance, but they want to give credit to Bush. Give credit to exact same man who, he himseld, said that he QUIT looking for Bin Laden!   Now, I can name many more things, but I want, and granted Obama is basically just following in Bush’s footsteps, it was Bush who opened up the can of worms, he created a precedent, that all future Presidents can use as an excuse to do whatever they want.

Obama is no marxist he is trying to take back the USA from the zionist neocon run Bush thugs and start to rebuild from all the damage the antichrist Bush has done here and abroad.

Obama is no communist, and he’s not a socialist either. He’s a corporatist. Ask any real socialist or communist if Obama is either and they will laugh in your dumb face.

You guys are taken in by anything in your race to prove Obama is a “dictator on the make”, aren’t you?

Obama is a better Christian than most of the hateful righties. The USA Political Right Wing has been irresponsibly stirring up hate by preying upon the naive and fearful.

The USA Political Right Wing has been irresponsibly stirring up hate by preying upon the naive and fearful. I said it once, I’ll say it always. They call Obama a muslim, a socialist, a marxist, a communist as a subsitute for the N-Word! Thay will never accept that a black man is President of the United States!


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