Your racism is showing..Might want to cover it up!

How is the GOP candidates doing?….Not so well, but not as well as their racist, bigoted, black-hating base!

I recently found out that a Racist Marine called the President “The Enemy” on his facebook page two days ago, and every single racist, bigoted Klansman here are jumping on this racist’s dick. Grade-A disgusting!

Why is it that everyday I keep saying how racist this country is, then out of nowhere a bunch of slime balls prove my point!

…we sure do…WE KNOW WE DON’T want those clowns running the country. Obama is doing a great job…even with the traitors trying to destroy our country to oust him. PATHETIC COWARDS! Now you are trying to read someones mind? Where do you goons come from??? Look at his accomplishments if you want to judge him.

Enough of you hating cretins. We didn’t see NOT A ONE of you while Bush was destroying this country…for 2 TERMS!!! So shut up. The ONLY reason you are posting on here is cause you can’t stand that intelligent man with a tan running things. Of course, the only evidence of Obama being stupid is because he’s NOT a gun-touting, racist conservative. That’s why!

The idea that Barack Obama hates America is partly because he’s a Democrat, and partly because he’s black, and because the patriotism of African-Americans has long been doubted by some on the right. And it’s still is, when in fact it;s the other way around!

They hate him. They will never accept a black man as President. NEVER! EVER! EVER!

with enough from the racist hypocrite whore, Mad Jewess to the losers at TheGatewayPundit, doing whatever they can at a disgusting pathetic attempt to paint Obama and democrats as something they are not, Racists. But lo and behold, what’s this?

Yeah..go ahead and call me a racist with, as usual, NO facts! Yet you scumbag go about with your obvious racism! Maybe you should stop beating around the bush and admit your obvious racism and bigotry!

FYI! He was born in Hawaii, what you are saying is a lie, his father was born in Kenya, HIS FATHER and considering that his grandparents, the ones who played a huge part in raising him, were a Military family and the educational credentials of the man, this is no radical, tell me, why is it that you only scream for birth certificates when the black man shows up?

Anyone who calls Obama “evil” is a disgusting racist

Anyone who calls Obama “the enemy” is a disgusting racist

Anyone who calls Obama “fraud” is without doubt is a disgusting racist!

Just another example of the right’s hateful rhetoric. If he were white, there wouldn’t be this much venom thrown at him.


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