Don Surber, the Hypocrite Admin!

Don Surber, I’m calling you out! You represent the obvious fact I posted that most right-wingers are hateful hypocrites!

Today, You posted an article titled “troll fails audition” and posted my comment, YES MY COMMENT for the whole world…no the whole hateful right-wing fringe to see.

Every pathetic comment from your website, Lucianne, and FreeRepubliKKK calls me and uneducated Texan. Make fun of my post, because it IS a jumble of messes, but one thing I won’t have is my intelligence insulted. I will not sit around and have the hateful right deeming that anyone who hates Obama is “Intelligent”

That is far from the truth and that is a fact! I’m insane? Oh, but calling President Obama a muslim is sane. Calling him “evil” is sane, calling him a marxist by twisting his words is sane, saying Obama hates America is sane. I’m not saying YOU believe and/or write this, some of your commentators and readers do,

Hypocrite to the highest point!

I’m insane? have you ever went to websites like these:

I could go on, but….No I will!

Second, I’m NOT a liberal from Texas, I’m not even from Texas!

Do you know what a Marxist is ? Really, by definition, is their really a living marxist who is in power nowadays? Even the chinese politburo member’s do not fit the name.

How can you be a Marxist while the economy grew from 14 trillion dollars last year , to over 15 trillion so far?

Did I miss the new definition of Marxist, I thought only demagogues changed the meaning of words in the dictionary at will.

Obama is not a communist. actual communists give the obedient poor better treatment (and the rich worse). he’s a very bad, inefficient, short-sighted crony capitalist. screw top five, he and g.w. bush are slugging it out for top honors.

Have you possibly thought that being an “Obot” means I ACTUALLY pay attention to his policies? I didn’t think so.

Another proof of hypocrisy is from my original flustercuck of a comment. I wrote:

“Obama is NOT subserviant when dealing with other world leaders.” and every history-challenegd writers wrote “bowing” as a rebuttal?!?! Seriously?!?!?

I guess when President Bush basically “kissed” the Saudi Prince, THAT was proof of a leader. I guess when he also bowed to the Pope, also that was proof of the leader?!?

But I asked a stupid question, and I apologize. And I don’t want an apology from the stupid answers I got!

Your commentators proved my point about their racism.  I asked name one “evil” thing Obama has done, but all I got were answers so pathetic, my statement still hold from my crap-fest comment:

” The scumbags here Believes anyone that does not think or look like him is Evil.”

Sorry, I didn’t say anything about the Republicans ‘blocking’ Obama from recovery.

I said huge damage was done to the budgets by the Bush crash of 2008 which stripped very large amounts of revenue out of the budget. Bush left a deficit for 2009 of over $1.2 TRILLION – and a large part of that was due to the lost revenues as jobs (by the millions) and associated taxes (by the billions) disappeared, and that didn’t change just because Obama walked through the doors of the White House, but I digress. Obama is no saint, either but he’s no Satan!

I love it (Not really) when people compare our politicians to Hitler. It’s not like he killed 11 million people or anything. I digress, though. The idea that Obama is not a citizen and/or he wasn’t born in this country are ludicrous at best.

The point I’m trying to make is this. You can call my post crazy since it is, but my intelligence being insulted is where I draw the line, especially when attacked by hypocrites.

Mr. Surber! It’s your right as an American to disagree with me. Hell, it’s even your right as an Admin to post comments. But I will not stand as my intelligence is insulted by hypocrites that lie and smear and resort to character Assassination, but I don’t mean you.

I didn’t even vote for Obama, but  your party will destroy America, as they already started the process 11 years ago and continue now, just to see Obama defeated.

Mr. Don Surber, you are not a racist, you are not a bigot, nor a hate-filled extremist. You are simply a hypocrite.


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