10 things you need to know


It has been reported among some Conservative circles that “The Hollywood Elitists” have announced plans to release a 17-minute motion picture detailing the positive accomplishments of President Obama.
When I hear some of the more radical Conservatives talk about “Hollywood Elitists” I often wonder if they are speaking of those individuals who have sacrificed so much to get their education in Acting and the Theater Arts and who have prevailed in some really stiff competition to get where they are?
I would think that this kind of initiative on the part of those who have been successful in Hollywood would be right up the alley of Conservatism that seems to worship the ground that “Self-Reliance” walks on.
But anyway, I am hearing stories that a lot of Conservatives aren’t buying the “Positive” achievements of our President but are, rather, focusing all the effort they can muster on discrediting anything he has done to help the country– in what I consider to be their typically blind fashion. (Naturally this is my opinion– like everything I write is my opinion.) The article I have been reading and the one that has inspired this blog post comes from one of those little backwoods newspapers from some dot on the map in which the editor keeps on referring to President Obama as a “Socialist/Marxist” in what I consider to be typical of the highly imaginative but totally mis-informed fashion used by some of them. (I might be tempted to go so far as to say “Badly-Educated” Fashion.)
I find that a lot of these rather fixed-minded (Stubborn) Far Right Wing Radical Extreme  types are apparently hung up on Obama being a “Socialist/Marxist” even though I would bet that many of them have absolutely no idea of what they are talking about.
These “Political Geniuses”  of which I speak often accuse the President of disrespecting The Constitution, but I have yet to pin them down on exactly how he has disrespected it.
It is my opinion that the reason I can’t pin some of them down is that they are, for the most part, unable to read the Founding Document much less understand it.  I think they do a lot of parroting the propaganda they have heard from their alternative myth-media.
This particular “Rag” that I was reading seems to be fond of accusing President Obama of working toward what they call a “Marxist Utopia” for America. I have a similar view of some of the ideas expressed from the Radical Side of Right Wing Conservatism:  I like to call the “Utopia” I perceive some of them working toward as “The Corn Cobber Conservatopia.”
This “Article” that I was reading says that “Marxism” and “Socialism” are cancers that consume men’s souls and reduces them to chattel of the state.
That description fits very closely to the concept that I have always had of Contemporary Radical American Conservatism.
But I would change the words just a little bit.
I would say, “Contemporary Radical American Conservatism is a cancer that consumes the man, his possessions and his soul and makes him chattel of the rich and of Corporate America. Of course…again…that is me! That is the way I think! Obviously other people may have a differing opinion.
This editor of this rag that I have been reading makes the case that Obama is a Marxist/Socialist President, that he is following a Marxist/Socialist agenda and is leading the country in a failed Marxist/Socialist path– a miserably failed path!
I guess this guy hasn’t been paying attention to the news lately.
America has now enjoyed more than 24 months of continued economic growth under Obama, Unemployment has fallen again, the Stock Markets have recovered and are above pre-recession levels– this country that this editor says is on a failed course under Obama is doing some remarkable recovering… truly remarkable recovering!
Yet those in the mindless limbo of Contemporary Radical Conservatism either choose not to see or, as I have always thought, aren’t capable of seeing truth when it bites them on the rear end.
Maybe–sometime in the unforeseeable future– some of these myth-informed individuals will get a glimpse of facts instead of getting a gut full of the tripe their puppet masters keep on spewing out over those Far Right Wing Radical Extreme broadcast airwaves and those yellow journalism tabloids they seem to love so much.


The racist right does not want a new America. It took her a long time to admit that President Obama is no fool, the only truth in the daily crap they write. President Obama and I do want a new America, an America that allows those who make less than $100,000 per year to have a fighting chance at a better life. An America of Christians like President Obama who want to help the less-privileged in our great country. Racist right, your desperation is reflected in your attempts to make him a Marxist-socialist.

It is also obvious that you do not want the super rich to pay their fair share of taxes. For the past 20 years, this group’s profits increased sky high while income for the middle class has stagnated. More than 70 percent of Americans do want the top 2 percent of America’s super rich to pay their fair share of taxes, which they are not doing since President Bush’s tax cuts took place. The rest of us are paying taxes of 50 years ago. We are not overtaxed.

Middle class families cannot afford what they could buy easily 20 years ago. Pharmaceuticals and health care costs have sky rocketed. The only hope is to allow universal health care to work for a minimum of four years, at least until 2016 before, it is re-evaluated. Moreover, gas prices have gone up because of speculation and other factors and not because of President Obama. Presently, production is the highest ever.

Racists, your insinuations and inaccuracies amount to bullying, which will go nowhere. Right now, the Republican candidates are tearing each other up and wasting a lot of money. At the right time, Democrats will spend their share defending and promoting President Obama. The real truth will prevail, and I look forward to President Obama’s next four years in office, which will allow America to once again gain the respect we lost around the world during the previous administration.

Long live America, the land of the free and the brave.

3.  Obama isn’t MARXIST! He is a Fascist.


Cliffs: Deficit was 1.2 trillion before obama was sworn in…bush set up obama perfectly since he created that deficit, but did not have to answer to it directly since his term was up.
– almost all of the rest of the “communist” Obama spending was stimulus and tax cuts.
Majority of economists thought stimulus should have been larger, should we not have passed anything? Too bad we can’t find out how that would have turned out.
This has been brought up in other threads, but it looks like the obama haters willingly ignore it. I thought this was common knowledge in the same way the sky is blue.
Could Obama have done better? Maybe, but this wasn’t the time to raise taxes. The practical taxes he does want to raise (SS ceiling, top brackets, cap gains) are impossible to pass. Political options for Obama:
Let all Bush cuts expire: Economy crashes harder, everyone from poor to rich pissed, Obama loses in landslide, but hey the budget projections look a LOT better long term!
Cut defense spending: Obama might as well be making sweet love to terrorists
Health care bill: Barely passed, anything better wouldn’t have, period.
Anyone want to defend this, especially re: Debt?
So he is going to make sure no defense spending cuts take place, but then lists multiple paragraphs about potential for waste reduction and reduced military staff. Sounds like a convoluted Hedge play.

All that, and add to it the deceptive brush the Repubs have painted him with whereby through the tactic of “compromising by NOT compromising”, they water down, damage or block outright any all legislation Obama and the Dems propose and then blame Obama and the Dems for the poor performance/ineffectiveness of gov’t the Repubs themselves are directly responsible for.

5.  That’s how I eliminated it’s credibility. Obama is not destroying America. Bush already did that. 3 wars, the worse recession we’ve ever seen, crazy debt and a fucked up budget, 16 million jobs lost in a couple of months, high unemployment, etc. But Obama supports NDAA and everyone goes crazy. Idiots….
  • make discriminatory/bigoted comments about Islam and/or the Arab people
  • support the war in Afghanistan/Iraq, despite the lack of progress and the mass loss and displacement of civilians’ lives
  • encourage the unjustified imprisonment of the men/women/children currently held in Guantanamo Bay
  • berate Obama for being Muslim (although he’s not) an d throw around the word Muslim around as a pejorative

7.  There’s nothing evil about Obama but there IS about you horrible disgusting racists

8. Thanks for proving my point! NO the REAL facts are that THEY are  racists, and no matter what crap you pull, THAT is a fact! Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist!




There is absolutely no–zero–evidence that President Obama was born anywhere other than Hawaii.

What is more, we have seen birthers here making assertions that the Founding Fathers never intended a black person to be president.

Anon and Cooky are blinded by their hate for the President. All this is, still, is sour grapes because you cant handle a black president who is a CATHOLIC! not a Muslim, as you’ve been told by Fox, WND and any other whack-a-doodle GOP candidate.

For the poster above me who clearly couldn’t read my previous link (with ACTUAL sources, evidence, facts, and EXPERTS – not a copier repair guy or graphics designer who know nothing at all about scanner software and firmware)
[link to washingtonindependent.com]
As for the response to me a few posts up, though not that I expect a birther can read, this page clearly curb-stomps your supposed quote from snopes.  You can plainly see the ‘comment:’ preface in your source, and this link shows the same thing as well further down the page.  What you so desperately cling to is a QUOTE of someone else by snopes, on their forums no less.
[link to message.snopes.com]
As you can see I actually took the ti

I think that’s all they’re good for. Stop calling this man a fraud and admit you ARE a racist, bigoted liar! The only clear evidence this shows about the birth certificate is that its different from a scanned birth certificate. Who says the Hawaii Department of Health uses a simple document scanner? The only real test would compare the certificate against one from the same source, that uses the exact same procedure. me to investigate what you linked before spouting off.  A gesture I’m sure you will not afford me.


9. are you really that callous and mean spirited? What was racist about Obama’s comment? You must be white. You have no idea what it’s like to be viewed with suspicion because of the color of your skin. Lucky you.
Here come the Obama haters right on cue to spew their vitriol at our President… no story is too tragic or off topic for their lame rhetoric. What a cyincal appropriation of a terrible crime to hurl vitriol at our President!
Well, Look at Obama’s daughters, if he ha a son there is a good chance that his son would look similar to Trayvon. How is that racist? Obama like myself has a lot of different races in his family. How ridiculous…lol
The serial philanderer, greed-monger, and racist Newt is DONE! He has only the most right wing racist religious lunatics (a few million) supporting him. He represents the worst of American society and, thankfully, he will soon be riding off into the sunset with his phony wife. Say goodnight, Newt. Then we are left with Insanitorum (a religious lunatic) and the consummate flip flopper–the man who has 5 positions of the same issue–Mitt Rob-me. The right wing GOP is on its last legs and will be soundly defeated in November!


10. Next time you call the President a disgrace, Look in the mirror.


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