Why “Patriots” Can’t Stand Black People in the White House

Remind Me again, how I am the racist?

Because last I checked, ME or most of the left AREN’T going around writing racist rants and blaming the racism THEY caused on Obama like the blame shifting losers:













I could keep going, but I won’t

Also, where I live, the majority is Republican, and very un educated, simple folk. I am a registered as an Independent. I go for the candidate, not the party. I am going to share with you something that many Independents as myself feel. What made most of us vote for Obama last election and probably what will make us do it again is that right wingers are a turn off, your candidates, so far are a joke(don’t get me started with last election, I was ready to cast my vote for Mccain until he chose Palin the genius-gawd-) Republicans are not winning any votes if you keep calling Obama a Marxist (ridiculous), blaming him completely for the economic meltdown he inherited from the previous administration (yes, indeed), and questioning his birth certificate (stupid). Makes u all sound like hicks.

In fact, …calling center-right Obama an extreme leftist/communist/Marxist is pretty outrageous. Not to mention

Yes, he is. He was born in Hawai’i to an American citizen. Whether you like that or not, it makes him as American as Mom’s Apple Pie.

Disagreeing doesn’t make you a racist, calling the president the N-word makes you racist…

And obviously you have no idea what “socialist”0r “communist” mean. You guys need a dictionary and a new line of attack because neither of those apply even the slightest bit. Isn’t it weird and sad that the exact party that unites Racist, bigots, extremists, homophobic, etc. Any group that hates people who aren’t White or Christian calls Obama the “Great Divider”? Disgusting!

 Obama actually helped out more Americans than Bush, can you give a good reason for impeachment? Presidents are NOT supreme overlords! How is our country more at risk when Obama took out many terrorist leaders and helps overthrow some selfish leaders? Our country has the most powerful military and friends in the world, it would take Russia and China together to even pose a real threat.
There is no impeachable offense. Besides, if GWB can lie to Congress about wmds to start a war and avoid impeachment as a war criminal Obama at least doesn’t have that kind of blood on his hands. Hell, check this out:
Everyday I keep saying the truth. That these racist losers hate having black people in the White House and EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY I am proven right!
 “in order to serve the judges own considered estimates of the vital needs of contemporary society when the elected political branches…” fail to meet them.  What do the other branches do?  Make laws and execute laws.  So, if the court is doing something in lieu of the legislature doing it, they are, effectively, “making law.”
President Obama did not “pre emptively slam” the Supreme Court “as a bunch of  ‘unelected group of people'”Even by the recent standards of knee jerk pro-conservative bias and trying to rile right wingers, that is a shamefully hyper partisan reading of carefully calibrated remarks.He’s hardly the first president of recent times to have said that about the Supreme Court overturning congressional law

I’m sick of these racist claiming the American People are against Obama, last I checked, The racist right NEVER spoke for America, neither do the democrats.

As far as the supposed lack of “support of a majority of the American public”–Obama openly ran on a platform of universal health insurance, as did the Democratic Congress.  They were elected on that platform and they kept their promise.  That is they way the Constitution envisages the will of the people being represented.

Right before our eyes, American conservatism is becoming something very different from what it once was. Yet this transformation is happening by stealth because moderates are too afraid to acknowledge what all their senses tell them. But I see through it.

The facts are the Conservative party are racists, bigots, extremist and hateful people.

Barack Obama doesn’t deserve re-election. Not because he’s the “socialist” that the Republican Tea Party traitors claim that he is, but because he isn’t, he’s a black president in a STILL racist countries. Random comments from the usual cesspool of right-wing racism is the proof. Why don’t you come out, admit your racism (it’s obvious), and stop with the name calling?

Republicans could use Barack Obama’s election as the first black president as evidence of racism’s demise, except that they can’t acknowledge that he’s an American. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, who enjoyed a moment in the sun as the Republican frontrunner, even calls Obama the “food-stamp president” and recently accused the Commander-in-Chief of exhibiting “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior.”

I was right. The racist right can’t stand black people in the White House. Black people make them sick.They also hate Obama because he hates America and is destroying it which is code for ‘I’m angry that black man is in the White House and now I’m going to make up some reasons why so I won’t sound racist’. Yep, that’s right…

President Obama isn’t a Muslim. If you are looking for a religious  definition, think of him instead as a Jew because his deeds matter more than his  rhetoric.


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