Why “Patriots” hate Having Black People in the White House (Part 2)

Why do the racist right think they are experts on American History? They aren’t just because they rant about the Constitution, doesn’t mean they understand the laws obviously. Like take “Obamacare” for example. The racist rights have forgotten that at least 3-5 judges have deemed it Constitutional, but not a peep from history-challenged losers like Sean Insanity.

What makes they think that because he is not the president you want, he is failing. Haven’t they ever heard that one mans meat is another mans poison. With the hate the cons have for him, don’t they think that they would be biased as hell? Lies have to have creditably to be believed, a concept that a con fines completely incomprehensible. The cons with their continuous he’s a failure s–t are really starting to sound stupid. Their problem is that Obama fails to be a white con, and that is a failure only in their deluded mind.

so tell me again, how does reducing taxes, balance the budget? Cause then revenue is even less for the government. Ryans plan adds even more to the deficit than obama… Ryan adds 3 trillion.

Obama does not meet the rigid definition of ‘communist’ that you are using.  Communist carries a negative connotation in America since the red scare.
No, he’s not a true communist, Then, if by chance, Romney gets elected, they’ll see in 3 years how his policies are virtually the same as Obama’s, because Romney is at heart a moderate and so is Obama (all these fools who call him an extreme liberal, socialist, Marxist, etc. are shills for the extreme right the Socialist Party of America has plenty to say about how Obama is definitely not a Socialist they’re as unhappy with him as the Ex-Conservs are).

By any reasonable and intelligent measure, his predecessor (George Bush) who took us to war with failed intelligence, destroyed the economy and sanctioned torture was MUCH more divisive. Not Obama.

Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim! He IS a Christian. A REAL Christian follows the Ten Commandments. One should rule is “Love Thy neighbor” and Obama has followed that rule to a T.

The idea that Barack Obama hates America is partly because he’s a Democrat, and partly because he’s black, and because the patriotism of African-Americans has long been doubted by some on the right. And it’s still is, when in fact it;s the other way around!

They hate him. They will never accept a black man as President. NEVER! EVER! EVER!

what is wrong with America is that a These haters would call the commander-in-chief a “domestic enemy” on a social network site.  Is that patriotic?  to call the commander-in-chief a domestic enemy? No. it is out of line and insubordinate.These people are really sick, it’s gotten worse.  Seek help.

The right-wing’s hate mongering of President Obama’s religion, race and political philosophy has grown to a fever pitch, and is now evidenced in a series of racist righty website such as this (Not MY website).

NO AMERICAN GROUP has slammed the President of the United States with as many lies and traitorous hate propaganda as the Rightwing Republicans before President Obama came to office.

Before anyone cries “Bush” Leftwing attacked Bush so its ok for Frightwingers to attack Obama – let me remind them that the Leftwing attacked Bush with FACTS opposed to the Frightwingers who are attacking President Obama with made up, traitorous hate propaganda that has divided this country.

They have proven me right, again. They are NOT Patriots, They are Racists that hates having black people in the White House. That is a fact!


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