Part 2 of Party of Hate


Even though one thing you were right about. Obama being President would damage race relations, but the truth is people like you caused it. YOU a-holes are the real racists!

Worse than they’ve been in years? The African American community accounts for 13% of the total population. The new voting laws passed by conservative state legislatures, and the immigation laws passed by these same legislatures are from predominately 99% of white males. The daily drumbeat of rightwing talkradio dedictes whole shows towards blatant racial stereotyping. The teaparty phenomena sprang up the day Obama took office with all kinds of coloful signage, and language towards the first African American President. They now have stooped to attacking his wife and daighters. I wonder just who it is that’s responsible for all of these racial woes? Hint: look in the mirror!

Obama is the most divisive president in history, Please? that it is a ludicrously stupid thing to claim.

” Second, Laura Bush and the Bush daughters were vilified by the left and I’m sure you took part in that as well.”
The “Progressives were mean to Laura Bush!” meme is something that’s sprung up, I think, as a result of the unprecedented torrent of hatred toward our current First Lady.
My recollection is that Laura Bush was generally respected. A few weeks back, I wondered if my memory was deceiving me, so I spent a few minutes searching the archives of Daily Kos, one of the most strongly left-wing blogs. It’s also a good choice because it’s driven by reader submissions with little filtering, as opposed to left-wing blogs like Talking Points Memo, which are the product solely of professional journalists.
Here’s the search term:
Of the some 1,300 hits found, the vast majority appear to be casual mentions, as she’s in the news.
Some are negative when her name is attached to GW’s. Example:
Some are positive — if perhaps backhanded compliments:
I also found some occasional speculation on the state of the Bush marriage, and other musings on whether she was secretly Democratic-leaning.
I could not find any posts that were dedicated to Laura Bush and which had the intent of painting her in a negative light. A good way to summarize DK’s coverage of Laura Bush over the eight years is that she was treated coolly — they rarely heaped praise on her, but she was largely treated with respect.
I don’t think I need to show the data to draw a distinction vs. the right-wing media’s treatment of the current first lady. There are, of course, the common nicknames — “Wookie” and “Moochelle” — stuff that just didn’t happen with Laura Bush (the worst I could find in my search was a post that referred to Barbara Bush as “Babs”). But beyond that, there’s the stream of blog posts *dedicated* to the first lady. She has a big butt! She shouldn’t tell my children what to eat! She takes too many vacations! Her outfits are too expensive! Her outfits are too ugly! And so on — with the meme being that she’s simply not fit for the White House. These aren’t casual mentions — *entire blog posts* are regularly written.
I may have missed some examples. Again, here’s the search:

When you have recist remarks like Stephen.George’s “MOOCHELLE” it makes me sick to see it in print.

Right wing loonies and racists are angry that a black woman can be First Lady and eat lobster, they want black women serving them food, not eating with them.

Obama is not a Marxist.  He is more of a social democrat. Marxists wish to overthrow the capitalist system to end exploitation. Social democrats wish to reform the current system to reduce inequality.  based on his policies which all support capitalism.

Obama is NOT a fraud! He’s exactly what he claims to be. A lawyer, former State and US Senator, who was born in Hawaii grew up in Indonesia.

You can’t compare a person to an event, it doesn’t really make sense. 9/11 killed thousands and caused billions in damage. The President is rebuilding America.  You inhumane racist and bornderline disgusting to compare a Presidency to the Worst Event EVER in American History.

To say Obama is anti-American is to be anti-American.

Calling the President a terrorist and domestic enemy is somewhere between insubordinate and treasonous. Unacceptable for anyone to say such things about the commander in chief. To publicly call the President a domestic enemy and a terrorist is seditious at best and mutinous at worst.   So…Are you stupid because you believe such nonsense or are you a traitor for perpetuating known lies against your President? It’s quite simple, really. If he was the ‘worst criminal ever’, he would be in jail. He’s not. So you are either stupid or a traitor. So…Which is it? Time to start holding you dolts accountable for your nonsense again.

You people are sick. Calling Obama evil because he doesn’t think or look like you. Bush doesn’t think or look like me, But never have I thought of him as evil.

And since you defend your lies with another, I’ll assume Obama being Bi-sexual is a lie, too created by the homophobic right trying to make a quick buck.

Sorry, YOU scumbags are the real racists here. The GOP is the party of racists, bigots, extremists, homophobes,etc.

The Party of Hate.




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