Call the Insane Alsyum! Room for One Party, Please!

Just more further proof Anyone who hate Barack Obama as President is a racist!

Look no further:

Even though the website states they KNOW Obama was born in the U.S., The stupid hateful racists don’t believe it. Still spreading the lie of Obama being born in Kenya.

And the hate being called racist?!?!

First off, STOP the that BS “race card is worn out” talking point. You’re disgusting denial of the obvious racism is so pathetic it makes me sick to my stomach. Racism IS still around, and YOU losers are keeping it alive by beating this dead horse.

Is it racist to ask for the President’s birth certificate?!?! YES! IT! IS! espically when that has been answered OVER and OVER and OVER again.

Terrorist. No. Look up the definition and you will see he does not fit. He does not “…commit violent acts intended to create great fear in order to exert influence to reach a religious, political or ideological goal.” He does sympathize with Muslim peoples who have been suppressed by Western colonial rulers in the past and by dictators now. Obama is NOT a terrorist.

Disgusting a-hole clling the President of the United States a terrorist!

You think Obama’s policies are one step short of all-out Marxism?  Please explain that.  He did some Keynesian stimulus stuff (along with Bush and many other recent presidents), he did Obamacare (which preserves the private insurance market and which was very clearly reaching across the aisle to the republicans and away from the single-payer proponents on the left), he has kept taxes low and the size of government flat.

What has Obama done that is “one step short of all-out Marxism”?

So the stimulus isn’t marxist because Bush and others did it too.  Obamacare isn’t marxist because it leaves in place the entire healthcare insurance food chain.  Taxes remain historically low and government payrolls are low across the board, so no marxism there.

He’s challenging some state laws, but Bush did the same thing (like when he pre-empted states that wanted to go after predatory mortgage lenders in the run-up to the collapse.) Obama is NOT a Marxist!

The Republicans in Congress and their ally Joe Manchin are destroying America to see that President Obama is defeated.  The voters need to send them a message and vote them out.

the Republicans, the GOP, and the Tea Party Movement will say and do anything to get Barack Obama out of the White House. And we as Americans are so blessed to have Barack Obama as President of The United States of America. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA HAS NEVER NEVER BETRAYED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!! Obama is NOT a a traitor!

Obama does not hate America…..
That’s your opinion and you lost this argument once again…….

No, he isn’t anti-American, he is the President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief.

He want’s to manke some changes but, they all do that. Bush did, Clinton did and guess what, Romney will when he wins in November…..

Your hate is obvious and your bias outweighs your political comments here 99% of the time……
But, that’s the way you want to roll and we all know where you stand…..

Neither ME or Barack Obama are racists. He had a white mother he loved. YOU a-holes are the racists.

After ‘Barack The Magic Negro’, pictures of watermelons on the WH lawn, coon jokes, referring to the First Lady as ‘Moochelle’….they’ve settled on an “I know you are, but what am I?” response when they get called on their racism.

Obama is NOT a fraud, you scumbnags are the the equal to the Ku Klux Klan, 100% percent. Obama is LEGALLY able to be President of the United States.

Anyone who saids different IS in fact a racist, and no amout to using the denial card/pretending racism is dead is gonna change that cold-hard fact.

You people are  dsgusting disgraces of Americans. You are not patriots. Never have been, never will be. All you are are Racists/Bigots/Extremists/Homophobic haters that will NEVER accept that an iltelligent Black Man is President of the United States Of America!


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