Disgusting Right-wing racism on Display

Yep, you just knew this b***s*** would be coming down the pipe. How convenient that you fail to parse out from these statistics the public sector jobs, which have been viciously slashed by the tens of thousands in Republican-controlled states (got to keep those tax breaks for billionaire donors intact) and the private sector job GROWTH we have seen under our President. Remember, Job One for the Republicans is to keep the President from getting re-elected. If that means destroying our economy and the Middle Class – so be it.

I don’t know where or why you racists think every single is an Obama-hating racist right-winger or somehow you can automatically tell the future that Obama’s gonna lose? CAN you tell the future? NO! All you can do is run your racist, ignorant mouth!

The title of this video lies. Obama is a christian, not a Muslim. This crap appeals to the ignorant.

I never thought that anything was “Indefensible” to a republican politician. Mitch would destroy the country even worse than the Bush gang had done already by 2008, in order to Win over president Obama. What I think is “Indefensible” these borderline treasonous antics of Mitch and Boner and “friends.”   His economic policies saved the banks and the auto industry at a minimum which was thousands of jobs. He has done much for national security by killing important terrorist leaders and putting more in prison and deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. He is a free-trader globally.   When he took office, the U.S. began losing jobs. In 3 years we have stopped the losses and added 3 million jobs and doubled the value of the stock market. If it were not for the financial crisis in 2008 we would be no different than the last two administrations and no one would see any difference.

He has killed more people in Afghanistan and Pakistan than George Bush did, so that should make you happy. HE IS NOT A TRAITOR, you disgusting waste of life!

How can he be racist with a white mother and rasied by white people im shocked he didnt become lke oj or some crap as far as that other crap it wouldve never happened if bush was in office in the first place

To claim that President Obama is a “Big Government Socialist,” a “Marxist,” or a “Stealth Commie” may make for a good soundbite, but it’s an outright lie.

Obama does NOT hate America and George Bush is STILL the worst President in History.

POS! it’s no coincidence that such derogatory and meaningless epithets are used by racists.  He isn’t anti-American, nor any of the other countless things you will hear. All of this talk about communism/socialism/Marxism, etc. is just fear-mongering and irrational rhetoric that is used to cloud the real issues at hand: Namely, some people don’t like the President for personal or subjective (because he’s black)   No, its just that some people don’t like him because he’s black but they can’t say that so they make up lies about him instead to ruin his reputation!


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