Does the racist right think they will Win? Please

Man, I love being right. You people are racist to the core! It’s the November elections and obviously the right aren’t hiding their racist tendencies anymore. It’s there for all to see. How do I know? the racist right are doubling down on their lies and smears to get the black man out of office.

” Dolores Huerta did a lot to raise the standard of living for migrant farm workers in this country. How is this a bad thing at all? Ask the migrant workers if they were more free before Dolores Huerta and Caesar Chavez, or after.

He’s been a great success. He’s:
– stopped the job loss hemorrhage that he faced when he entered office and created 4.2 million new private sector jobs.
– He and Bush bailed out the banks. Over Republican opposition, Obama saved the US auto industry from going into bankruptcy. (Saving banks and Detroit makes him a hero and not a socialist/communist. One of those would have nationalized those industries.
– He’s no racist. His mother was white and his white grandparents raised him. What’s your problem?

I know It’s because Obama is awarding a Non-white revolutionist like Dolores!

Communism is a utopiaistic idea. it has never occurred in the form it is meant for, and is most likely impossible. NOTHING is wrong with communism, but still Obama is not communist. Maybe a little socialist though, which is an ideal that is in the interests of the people, get your facts, and don’t listen to inter party rhetoric. Vote for Obama because his interests coincide with yours and about 99% of the populations, if you vote for Romney, well then its your suicide note, but its your choice.

“…Blaming every failure of his presidency on his last name, Republicans, ”

If Republicans calling Obama a Muslim is one of Obama’s failings, that particular “failing” can be blamed on Republicans.

Also, Obama might or might not be the most knowledgeable recent President on Judaism, but he clearly is more knowledgeable than the last 5 Republican Presidents (Bush, Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon). Nixon was an explicit anti-Semite. The other 4 help define the term “incurious”.

Obama is NOT Anti-American, how would an anti-american become or want to become the president? makes no sense. Funny that the racist right langauge fits the description of Anti-American!
And Obama is NOT a marxist, only Karl Marx was a Marxist.

if anything, people are racist against him. They hate Obama NOT because he doesn’t think American. It’s because He doesn’t think ‘White”


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