Fear, Smear and Disinformation.

Nothing but Fear, smear and disinformation. If ever we needed a prime example of how the 2012 election is about the hatred of America’s first black President, Barack Obama, and not politics and issues that matter to most Americans, this certainly fits the bill.

The Party of Hate (David Limbaugh, Uncle Tom Mychie Masshie, whatever the racist’s name is) is, like I said, pulling out all the stops. And it’s disgusting! I’ve noticed in the past. Supporters of Presidential nomintte  usually persuade the public into voting for their man by talking about what good he would do. There is NOTHING like that for Mitt Romney. The racist right uses “Fear, Smear and Disinformation” or Character Assassination, as I have been calling it, for force people to vote for Mitt Romney.

If you’ve been paying attention, the conservative base doesn’t like Romney that much. They call him “Obama Lite” meaning Romney is the same as Obama, except he is White and a Mormon (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)

What IS wrong is the unfortunate fact that fear sells. But in the Age of Obama, it’s for like “Hate sells” from Rushie the racist’s brother, David Limbaugh writing a pathetic money-making lie about Obama, like every other conservative book writer. I’m desperate for money, but I’m not gonna lie about people I hate, but more importantly don’t know.

Which brings me to Uncle Tom Mychal Massie. The hateful POS still has the galls to call for Obama’s impeachment, and just like him retarded racist commentators, for no reason other than they hate having a black man in the White House. This is an open and shut fact, that they stupidly deny while stupidly and ignorantly misread and misinterpreted the Laws of the land to use their obviously hateful racist tirade of Fear, Smear and Disinformation.

Impeach Obama…FOR WHAT?!?!?  He has not committed a crime.  if you could provide examples of “high crimes and misdemeanors” that he has committed. Many other of my fellow supporters of the President asked this question and NEVER! NEVER! EVER! got an answer!  just because you don’t like him

For clear examples of impeachable offenses see Richard M. Nixon (Watergate break in and cover up) and Ronald Reagan (Iran Contra, subordinates went to trial but not Ron who pleaded ignorance).

The facts are Obama is NOT impeached and has NOT done ANY impeachable offenses except one…being black in the White House.

Evidence that Obama was born in Kenya…..None. He was born in Hawaii, USA!

Evidence that Obama is a Muslim …… None. He is a Christian, which is more than I can say for the racist right

Evidence that Obama is a Marxist ….None. Not a Communist or a Socialist.

NO! and he’s not destroying America. He Got Bin Laden. (NOT KILLED) Got pirates. Killed more radical muslims than civilian killing Bush. Taking Iran to the mats. Withdrew from agreement when N Korea doubled back. Got us out of Iraq, honorable. Saved the country from financial ruin. Saved GM and Chrysler and a million American jobs. Got health coverage for 40 million Americans.

The ‘Destroy Obama‘ game plan has been simple: Obstruct, disrespect and demonize the president — as un-American a.k.a “Not one of WHITE Us”.

No president in the history of this country has suffered more dis-respect than Obama.

When you call Obama un-American, a Communist” a Marxist, a Muslim, we all know you mean “ni&&er”!


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