Obama is a horrible man!

Really? Because I could have sworn it was Boortz who this morning said that blacks only give to Obama because of race and that they would be the only group at his Atlanta fund-raiser , that donors to his campaign in Miami would only be rappers and that anyone who supported his is an advocate of the destruction of America. And I think it was Rush who said that the only people who support Obama are the uninformed, the dependent class, blacks and the stupid. And Hannity who beats the drum beat daily about how the supporters of the President don’t have the intelligence to think for themselves and are mostly bought off by welfare.
The Tea Party sat by and let the GOP spend like bad drunks but within days of Obama’s elections we had Fox News covering Tea Party rally on the streets outside of the Gold Dome. The same crowd who questioned the patriotism of any dissent during the Bush years have rescinded that “rule” so that they can call the President a socialist, a Marxist, a fascist, a foreigner, a muslim, none of which are remotely true.
I keep asking but no one can explain to me why these are bad things:
1. Preventing a depression not seen since 1929
2. Positive job growth each month for nearly 3 years.
3. Stock market DOUBLED
4. Prevented the near elimination of American cars from the market
5. Etc etc
Obama kept us out of another Republican Great Depression
What does Adumbs know about character?
As an awesome man said today, “I know damn well that it really bothers my white brethren that a black family is occupying the White House.” Many are already claiming that Fieger is making waves and is the only one courageous enough to say what everybody else has already been thinking.
Much of his argument is based around those who have been constantly fixated on President Obama’s place of birth, the disrespect, and his status as a true American. “Every time I hear someone insinuate that President Obama is Muslim, or a communist, or a radical, or a foreigner all I really hear them say is that he’s Black,”
“If President Obama was white, do you really think there would be people questioning his birth certificate and whether he was born in the United States?”
POS!?!? it’s no coincidence that such derogatory and meaningless epithets are used by racists. He isn’t anti-American, nor any of the other countless things you will hear. All of this talk about communism/socialism/Marxism, etc. is just fear-mongering and irrational rhetoric that is used to cloud the real issues at hand: Namely, some people don’t like the President for personal or subjective (because he’s black) No, its just that some people don’t like him because he’s black but they can’t say that so they make up lies about him instead to ruin his reputation!
Obama is NOT a fraud. Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is without doubt a racist!

P.S. Klanmsan Asshole Micheal Eden, I’m coming for you!


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