I admit the June Jobs Report are bad, but still…

No.  He still believes that America should exist and be the leader of the world. His vision about America and her leadership, however, is not like the one you envision.

Man, you ARE a racist and a retard! There’s no buts about it, The good bible belt “Christians” hate mixed race people more than they hate blacks.
Anyone who doesn’t believe that race is a large factor in the Obama hate campaign is out of touch.
There are simpler and more rational explanations for Obama’s behavior than “he wants to destroy the nation”.
On the economy, Obama is simply acting like you’d expect a Keynesian to act in the face of economic collapse. If Obama had caused the collapse maybe one could make an argument that he did it on purpose, but Obama came in to office after the snowball was already rolling downhill, and he has followed typical Keynesian prescriptions (many modern Keynesian economists fault him for not spending enough money on stimulus). There was a short period of time early in Obama’s Presidency where Republicans were doing a very good job educating everyday Americans on the fundamental problems with Keynesian assumptions on the economy and human behavior. IMO, that is a much more effective rebuttal to Obama’s economic policies than saying he is intentionally wrecking the economy because he hates America. Even if you are right, you can’t prove it, and you exactly like a liberal infected with Bush Derangement Syndrome.
On healthcare, Obama is acting like you’d expect a person to act who knows Americans won’t buy in to a European style single payer system, but also doesn’t trust the free market to solve the problem. He grabbed an idea that originally came out of the Heritage Foundation, had 20 years of support from Newt Gingrich, and had been tried by Mitt Romney at the state level. Was it a horrible idea that was made worse by the legislative process? Absolutely, but if the argument is that Obama designed it to destroy the healthcare system in the US, then Gingrich, Romney, the Heritage Foundation, and a whole bunch of Republicans share complicity.
On the environment, Obama is acting exactly like you’d expect a product of the American Ivy League university system to act, believing that careful top down management by “smart people” can nudge people to develop and use greener forms of energy. His environmental policy has been made worse by the fact that BP’s stunning lack of competency in the Deepwater Horizon spill gave Obama a very convenient excuse to clamp down offshore drilling… a stupid and overdramatic move, but something that would have been done by any Democratic President you can name, and probably about half the Republican ones.
On immigration policy, Obama is simply posturing to appeal to latino voters. In reality, the net effect of his economic policies has done more than any President in the last half century to stop, and possibly reverse, the flow of illegals coming across the border.
I just don’t see the need or the rationality of painting Obama as some sort of manchurian President. There are better explanations for his behavior. I wish Republicans would spend less time speculating about his motives and more time educating Americans about the futility of his policies.

 what makes Obama an evil person because he wants to give every body health care and he cares about the middle class and the poor what makes him an antichrist answer anwers anwers anwers the question and remember what jesus said about judgeing others the same measure you use will used on you anwers the questio what makes him evil what???

You people are dumb…Obama isn’t a Marxist or socialism. And Romney isn’t a capitalist. There are globalist. They both answer to a higher authority. The banks, mega corporations and lobbyist for the military industrial complex. They are both closer to fascists which is when govt gets in bed with corporations. Obama and Rommney are the same except for one major difference, THAT difference is NOT that Romney is Republican, it’s that Romney is white!

And seriously, I’d really like to know what he’s done to make him “the worst President ever” – ESPECIALLY after Bush… I’m not saying Bush is the worst President ever, but c’mon… Engage in conservative-right-wing-propaganda-fed hyperbole much?

Anyone who calls Obama a destroyer is Racist!


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