As the Racist right takes another case of the “Denial” medicine, they proved…

I was right. It’s 2012, the chance to get rid of the one thing Cancervatives hate more. A black man as President. They don’t hide they’re racism anymore! proof is in the pudding! they don’t know anything about business to savetheir life. Since this year began, anything bad that happens to in this country, ANYTHING!??! Those Klansmans blame it on Obama and it’s pathetic!

Too bad the idea that the event is out of line legally is a complete conservative fairy tale (or nightmare, however you wish to see it). And the only obvious conclusion why they’ve dreamed this temper tantrum up is clear: They — like a gazillion other backasswards politicians on the right — are complete racists.

The Obama that has been created has been created to avoid the admission by the right that they are racist. Instead they speak in code and accuse him of being a foreigner or a criminal or a muslim or a socialist.

  Yeah Pres. Bush only kissed and held hands with some Saudi head of state, but he wasn’t labeled a muslim!  what effing buffoons.  Give me a freaking break with this “Obama hates America” crap!  Good flipping grief!  Pray tell how in God’s name he’s “trying to ruin this country”?

It’s not that they don’t notice, it’s that they Hate President Obama that much. They Hate him with every fiber of their being. They Hate him with a capital H. And they HATE the fact that they lost to a n-word.

I mean, if you listen to the implications of opponents of Obama, he’s out to destroy America and make us all dependent on the government. Who, in their right mind, believes this? It’s nonsense. He has a different view of government’s role in society than his opponents, that’s it. I’ve seen nothing in his actions, or his words, that suggest or even hint towards his desire to become a dictator, his belief that he knows better than everyone, or that he wants to see America fail.

You people are dumb…Obama isn’t a Marxist or socialist. And Romney isn’t a capitalist. There are globalist. They both answer to a higher authority. The banks, mega corporations and lobbyist for the military industrial complex. They are both closer to fascists which is when govt gets in bed with corporations. Obama and Rommney are the same except for one major difference, THAT difference is NOT that Romney is Republican, it’s that Romney is white!

Sadly, this incident is further proof that there are some on the right who are attempting to block the Obamas at every turn, for one reason alone. They hate them unconditionally. They can blame their disdain on Obama being a “socialist” or “Communist” or whatever other ridiculous, extreme label they want to slap on our POTUS and his wife. But ultimately, the real word they can’t stand — and the real reason they’re giving Michelle and Barack a hard time in America — is “black.”

enough with this hate speech and admit you can’t stand that a black man is President. It’s as pathetic and your disgraceful attempt to deny this fact!
Anyone who calls Obama a destroyer is Racist!


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