Race Relations BAD under Obama, but NOT because of Obama!

It’s about time everyone admits it. I knew race relations would be bad under Obama. I knew it, and everyone on the left and right knew it! But they must admit the right are the REAL reason race relations is crap! These REAL racists calls Obama a divider, when in fact the GOP has set forth on dividing America since Obama was inaugurated.   Evidently many racist feelings have been buried since the Civil Rights days and Obama’s election has brought them to the surface. When Obama was elected, People of ALL races came together. It was beautiful and awesome.

But then it started, and the racists blamed Obama for EVERYTHING. President Obama is only a “divider” because of the lies they posted. The conservatives would rather spend their time making up lies about the President than fixing the problems they created. What’s so uniting about “I hope he fails”? Remeber that?

They know Obama is not a Muslim, socialist, communist, Marxist, radical. They just don’t care.

 I prefer to think that this president, like every other president, is wekll aware of the constitution that he swore to uphold and is not a traitor, despite the claims and concerns of many on this forum. They make medication for paranoia. To call a sitting president a traitor is scummy!

President Obama is NOT gay. He just wants to strengthen his voting base by endorsing new trends. Hope, Change, FOWARD!

The party that creates and spews racist lies about the President Birth certificate, his idealogy, his religion, his personal life, his loyalty, etc. No other President had ANY of those this questioned, but then again, none of those Presidents were black!

What idiot would think he was muslim? I forgot bigots!

But if you are referring to rant that Obama is destroying America, that’s what the McCain people were saying would happen if they lost. So, where is all the destruction? I can’t seem to find it.

From where I sit, the country is pretty much the same as it has been for decades. Even Bush wasn’t able to destroy the country, although his policies did a number on the economy.

You HATE President Obama and you say he HATES America and you’re really PISSED about this whole healthcare thing!

The legion of websites, bloggers, talk show jocks, and the occasional GOP official that has teed off on President Obama and at times Michelle Obama with assorted borderline racist digs, taunts, and depictions have been relentless. The offensive remarks quickly evoke a storm of outrage, and the offender gets rebuked. This happens because they are public figures, and their comments are publicly aired. They fly high on the public’s radar scope.

Sorry for the long-winded speech. but here are the facts:

You claim that Obama has routinely used the race card, yet the examples given don’t really seem to go along with your argument. Other conservative posters make a habit of saying that Obama has set back race relations in this country by decades.   Where? When? I honestly don’t see these incidents that some people, predominantly white Republicans, continue to bring up on a regular basis.

Obama doesn’t hate America, you hate having a Black Man as President of the United States of America!


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