Racist Right erases George W. Bush From American History

Who?!?! What!?!?! Who the hell is George W. Bush? Never heard of this guy! Son of George Bush Sr?!?! He never had a son named that. just Jeb Bush. Here is the histroy that the conservative spew because they ALWAYS tell the truth! After Jimmy Carter trashed our Country, Reagan came in and save the day…After many years past Clinton became President, and during his second term, got impeached. Then America Suffered an eight-year gap with No President to watch over America.

History shows, according to the consrvatives, that America had NO President from 2001-2008. No History ata ll.

No History of a President who squandered a booming economy by pushing through the largest tax cut in American history and one that heavily favored higher income brackets.

No History of a President who squandered a budget surplus with the largest tax cut in American history.

No History of a President who involved the American people in a needless and senseless war in Iraq  the Iraqis possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).

No History of a President whose reckless prescription drug program that did little to help seniors, but did much to line the pockets of the drug companies.

No History of a President who…..wait, who the hell am I talking about? This guy never existed. According to the Conservative who are ALWAYS honest, After Clinton got impeached, America suffered an eight-year gap with no President, then in 2008, elected Barack Obama…Weird!

I have seen hundreds or thousands of posts like this one, calling Obama a liar, and when I have challenged the questioner to tell us one lie he has told, they have all fallen short without exception.
I notice you also have no link or specifics.  Therefore, your question FAILS.
This George W. Bush never existed. Obama is the Worst president since Jimmy Carter, but if he did exist, which he didn’t, If you believe Obama to be the worst pres in modern times, you are beyond help.
Bush couldn’t make so much on his record – the worst president in our entire history.   Class is the last thing that describes him.   He’s probably drunk as a skunk on “the ranch”. But..he never existed. So sayeth the truth-telling Conservatives!

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