Truer Words were never Spoken

Hurricane Katrina, The Oklahoma City Truck Bombing, The Death of John F. Kennedy, And the worst American Tragedy of all, the Terrorist attacks on September 11th. I hated that day. REAL Americans hated that day…REAL Americans hate American tragdies. What is even sicker, even inhuman is comparing these Horrible tragdies to the election of America’s First Black President, Barack Obama. That’s what the racist right has done for the last four years. Disgusting fear-mongering. And if President Obama gets re-elected, he might not even live to see the end of his second term.

As proven by Timmy Falcon (Nice name) of his own website:

It’s been my fear all along that the more radical conservatives might turn violent en masse if President Obama is elected to a second term. Most of them have a fully fictional view of the nation and the world, many of them are completely unhinged (the Tea Party has all along been a domestic terrorist group in waiting), and of course the conservatives have got all the guns. Sitting on their hands through one term of a successful black president is one thing. But once he’s reelected and they see that their four years of lunatic protests against imaginary tax increases while making up phony rumors about him being a secret Muslim from Kenya or Mars or whatever nonsense they’ve concocted, the idea of another four years of a successful black president would be enough to put them over the edge. I’ve been hoping, of course, that I was wrong. Except here comes word from the Virginia Republican Committee that their only option is “armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote in November”…

This stuff gets scary, and fast. In the evidence unearthed by Politics USA, the republican group in question refers to Obama as a “political socialist ideologue unlike anything world history has ever witnessed or recognized” (translation: he’s a black guy and we just can’t have that). Apparently this group has no real issue with, say, Hitler or Stalin. The real devil in their eyes is Obama. These groups always claim that their obsession with hating him has nothing to do with the color of his skin. But their argument invariably reads along the lines of “We don’t dislike Obama because he’s black, we just dislike him because all the imaginary things we’ve invented about him so we can pretend our hatred of him is based on something other than race.” They’re not just nut jobs, they’re racist nut jobs. And we’ve heard all this violent racist nonsense before, about 150 years back…

This radical nonsense comes off a lot like the rhetoric which was coming from the old south back in the middle of the nineteenth century, when conservative groups were threatening “armed rebellion” if Abraham Lincoln was elected president. He was, and they did, and that’s how the Civil War happened. The conservative radicals back then liked to pretend that they too were hating on him for some reason other than their own blatant racism, as Lincoln was expected to end slavery if he took office. These current lunatics sound like they want to start a Civil War II.

Freedom of speech is covered under the Constitution. But nowhere does it say that groups have a right to call for armed revolution against the United States. In fact I’m pretty sure that doing so is illegal. One can only hope that the authors of the pamphlet are either arrested for the safety of the rest of us, or at least given a good talking-to by law enforcement so that they understand the difference between freedom of speech and calling for a civil war. And also, if these racists want to hate on Obama for being black, then they should at least admit to their racism. No need to keep making up imaginary reasons for hating him; you’re not fooling anyone who’s sane.



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